Miele Steam Oven Problems: 7 Common Issues (Simple Fixes)

A steam oven is a great appliance to have in your kitchen, especially if it’s from Miele.

After all, Miele steam ovens not only provide the basic perks of steam ovens but also come with a plethora of other features.

However, it’s best to consider that, like all other appliances, Miele steam ovens are prone to failure as well at times.

Fortunately, it’s possible to deal with common issues by continuing to read below.

Miele Steam Oven Not Working

If your Miele steam oven won’t turn on and there’s been no apparent reason why there may be a problem with the power supply or faulty parts.

But there’s nothing to worry about, as you can easily solve this problem by following the solutions below.

Possible solution(s):

  • The first step to solving such a problem is ensuring a constant power supply to the appliance. To do so, you need to ensure the power socket works and the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped.
  • If the oven appears to be receiving power, the thermal fuse may have blown out. Contact a qualified technician to replace the fuse to allow the oven to work.

Miele Steam Oven Not Draining

The water reservoir in steam ovens can be drained after usage.

However, at times, Miele steam ovens may not be able to do so, which is an indication of blockages in the drain. 

Follow the solutions below to handle this issue.

Possible solution(s):

  • The best way to solve this issue is by removing debris stuck in the drain. This will allow the water to escape without any blockages in its path.
  • However, if doing so does not work, you can remove the water manually by simply pulling out the water tray.

Miele Steam Oven Not Heating Up

If your Miele steam oven won’t heat up, it’s probably because it’s in demo mode.

Here are some solutions to help you out.

Possible solution(s):

  • The demo mode in Miele steam ovens can restrict their ability to heat. So, make sure to turn off the demo mode if it’s turned on.
  • If the demo mode is off and the oven still doesn’t heat up, check if the oven cavity is warm. Open the door and let the oven cool down before you warm it up again.

Still not heating up best to contact a qualified technician or Miele

Miele Steam Oven Not Descaling

The descaling feature on Miele steam ovens can be a useful feature to effectively clean your oven.

However, this feature can often fail.

But the following solutions can help you fix it.

Possible solution(s):

  • Try resetting your oven and restarting the descaling process.
  • If a restart doesn’t solve the issue, change the mode from MP to a different mode and back to MP.

Miele Steam Oven Water Container Stuck

The water container in Miele ovens has been made with nearly the same dimensions as its holder.

As a result, it can often get stuck if its dimensions are changed by even the slightest amount.

Here are some solutions to pull out the water container.

Possible solution(s):

  • The most common reason for this issue is a stiff coupling seal on the water container. To fix this problem, you need to apply silicone grease to the coupling seal to soften it.
  • Once you’ve applied grease, let it soften for a while, and then try pulling the container out.

Miele Steam Oven Making Weird Noise

Minor noise shouldn’t be a problem as it’s common with all steam ovens.

However, if your start to hear weird noises such as clanking, loud vibrations, and crashing, there’s something wrong with the oven that requires looking into. 

Refer to the solutions below to solve this issue.

Possible solution(s):

  • The reason for this issue is an unclean oven. So, if you haven’t cleaned your oven in a while, start the cleaning cycle to reduce the noise.
  • Additionally, you can also descale the oven to further reduce noise.
  • Adding oil to the oven runners reduces friction and, as a result, can also help reduce noise.

Noting, when the door is closed, the pressure has to equalize, which can cause a whistling sound. This is not a fault

If the noise is humming, that is perfectly normal and does not mean the appliance is broken. When water is pumped through the system, it occurs.

Miele Steam Oven Light Not Working

The oven light can be a useful tool while cooking food.

But unfortunately, the oven light can often stop working due to some issues.

Miele steam oven light not working is likely to be caused by a blown light bulb. 

The solutions below can help you get it back on once again.

Possible solution(s):

  • Remove the bulb and check if it works or not by plugging it into a different socket. If it does not work, replace it with a new one.
  • If the bulb works, it means there is something wrong with the bulb socket inside the oven. Call a professional to fix the wiring.

How Long Do Miele Steam Ovens Last?

Miele steam ovens can easily last up to two decades, which is quite impressive for any oven. More importantly, you can further add to this lifespan by keeping the oven in good condition through maintenance.

What’s best is that all Miele steam ovens come with a 2-year warranty period, during which Miele will fix any issue that your oven may face, free of charge.

Miele Steam Ovens Any Good?

Yes, Miele steam ovens are very good. Miele steam ovens have it all, whether you want durability or performance in an oven

These appliances are manufactured with top-quality materials to deliver the most effective performance in cooking.

Not to mention, they are designed keeping efficiency, aesthetics, and ease of use in mind. What’s best is that Miele steam ovens also come with several smart features like self-cleaning.

So, it’s safe to conclude that Miele steam ovens are good appliances.

Pros and Cons of Miele Steam Ovens

Here are some pros and cons of Miele Steam Ovens


  • High-performance
  • Great design
  • Extra accessories


  • Expensive
  • Uneven temperatures
  • Expensive components


It’s a great idea to add a Miele steam oven to your kitchen. Not only does it aid you in cooking, but it also allows you to cook dishes you couldn’t make before.

However, Miele steam ovens can face several issues at times. In such a situation, don’t worry, as you can make your oven as good as new with a couple of tips and tricks. So, make sure to keep in mind the solutions to the problems mentioned above.

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