Why Are Fridges So Expensive? (Must Read)

Are you currently looking to buy a fridge and wondering why they are so expensive?

Or maybe you are just curious to know.

In this article, we’ll discuss the main reasons why fridges are so expensive.

Let’s begin!

Why are fridges so expensive?

Fridges are expensive due to production costs such as aluminium, wiring, and labor, as well as the logistics of delivering huge, bulky objects, plus brand positioning, retailer margins, and additional features.

All of these things contribute to the price of refrigerators.

So now we have answered the main question, let’s further explore why fridges are so expensive.

Below are the top 5 reasons why Fridges are So Expensive. Noting there will be others, but below are the main reasons.

1. Labor Cost of building Fridges

2. Wiring Costs of Fridges

Cars, like refrigerators, used to have simple wiring.

As technology has advanced, the amount of wiring that is necessary has only increased.

Older refrigerators could be powered entirely by electricity.

Refrigerators now require additional electrical wiring to accommodate for all of the smart technology that has been added to them.

Manufacturers hire a competent electrician for their wiring and smart technologies.

The total includes the cost of the person’s services as well as the wiring materials.

Fridges that aren’t equipped with smart technology are less expensive.

3. Additional Features

Other reasons for price variance that can cause fridges to be more expensive is the additional features that some fridges offer.

Such as water coolers and ice dispensers to a series of different energy ratings.

So if you want stainless steel or a glass door, you’ll pay more for these stylistic options.

4. Brand

Some brands are more expensive than others. In fact, two different brands can have the same features.

Often, we find that the only difference is the company’s name.

One brand may be more expensive than another simply because it has established itself as a name synonymous with high-quality goods.

Conversely, lesser-known brand names may be less expensive because they haven’t yet established themselves on the market.

Consider whether the price of a refrigerator is decided by the materials and features or by the brand name.

5 Retailer Costs

The markup at which the manufacturer sells the item to the reseller and the markup at which the reseller sells the item to the customer are commonly included in retail pricing.

When it comes to retail price, retailers consider a number of distinct aspects.

After covering all of the costs involved with the goods, the seller will increase the price to ensure that they make a profit.


Fridges are expensive because of manufacturing costs such as aluminium, wiring, and labour, as well as the logistics of delivering large, bulky products, as well as brand positioning and retailer margins.

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