Amana Dryer Problems: 7 Common Issues (Must Read)

Amana dryers are becoming increasingly popular in the US as they offer decades of expertise enclosed in a compact box that makes your laundry tasks much easier.


However, they can run into technical issues that may cause them to stop functioning properly.

This article will discuss 7 common problems with Amana dryers and how to solve them easily.

Continue reading to learn more.

Amana Dryers Problems: 7 Common Issues (Must Read)

Here’s our list of the 7 most common Amana Dryer problems with solutions.

This is not to say that if you buy an Amana dryer, you will have these problems.

These are the most commonly experienced problems.

Not too dissimilar to other dryer brands.

Amana Dryer Not Drying:

Have you noticed that your Amana dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes and that they aren’t completely dry when the cycle is finished?

A common reason why Amana dryers not drying is due to clogged filters or vents, or it’s receiving less power from the source than required.

It may take up to three times longer for the dryer to finish drying your clothes if the power is not high enough.

Before you start troubleshooting, check off the following items

1. Confirm that the program you chose is appropriate for your laundry. Some materials require more drying time than others. Examine your owner’s manual to find out which drying programs are best suited for which loads.

2. The moisture sensor may have limescale or detergent residue on it. Simply wipe the sensor with a damp cloth and a little white vinegar to clean it.

Still having problems, check out this detailed troubleshooting article to get your clothes drying again 

Dryer Not Drying My Clothes? 7 Common Problems (with solutions)


Amana Dryer Won’ Start

If your Amana dryer doesn’t start, you may be dealing with a faulty thermal fuse. The fuse prevents the device from overheating, and if it stops working properly, the appliance will not start.

But, before you go into panic mode, check for a damaged power cord connecting to the outlet, test the power socket by using a smaller appliance, and check if the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped.

If your Dryer still does not work, then you’ll need a professional to look at the circuitry and identify the faults with the control board.

If the problem is only with the power supply, replace it.

Amana Dryer Stopped Spinning

If your Amana dryer stopped spinning, the drive belt might be at fault.

The drive belt wraps the drum and creates tension between the drive motor pulley and other components.

The strap can get damaged over time with regular usage until it breaks completely.

Another reason can be a worn-out drum roller. If malfunctions, either of the two rollers can cause the dryer to stop spinning.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Replace the drive belt
  • Replace the drum rollers

Likely you will need a qualified technician to take a look and provide advice on how to resolve this issue

Amana Dryer Drum Is Not Turning

If your Amana dryer drum is not turning, the problem could again be with the drive belt and the drum rollers.

You can also check the drum roller axle to ensure it hasn’t been damaged with normal use.

Another probable reason for the drum not turning can be a faulty drive motor.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Replace the drive belt
  • Replace the drum rollers
  • Replace the drum roller axle
  • Replace the drive motor

Best to contact Amana support to help resolve this issue

Amana Dryer Takes Too Long

If your Amana dryer takes too long to dry clothes, then the vent is possibly clogged with debris or a piece of clothing.

Another reason can be a blocked blower wheel that draws air into the vent. The more clogged, the less efficient your dryer will become.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Clean the air vent at least once a year
  • Clean the blower wheel or replace it

Please see a detailed article that troubleshoots why the dryer takes too long to dry 

Amana Dryer Overheating

If your Amana dryer is overheating, the heating element may not be working properly.

The heating element warms up the air entering the chamber, and if it breaks, it releases heat continuously.

It doesn’t stop even when the desired temperature is reached, causing the appliance to become too hot.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Replace the heating element
  • Replace the heating element assembly

Best to contact Amana support to help resolve this issue

Amana Dryer Making Noise

The drive belt has worn out beyond repair if your Amana Dryer is making too much noise.

The problem could also be with drum rollers and drum roller axles responsible for turning the dryer wheel.

The drive motor may also be broken in some cases, causing the dryer to become very loud.

Possible Solution(s):

    • Replace the drive belt
    • Replace the drum rollers
    • Replace the drum roller axle
    • Replace the drive motor

Best to contact Amana support to help resolve this issue

Amana Dryer Tripping Circuit Breaker

If your Amanda dryer trips the circuit breaker each time you turn it on, your circuit board may be too weak to handle the power load.

Alternatively, the problem could lie with the heating element and the heating assembly of the dryer which is soaking up too much power from the source due to damage.

Possible Solution(s):

      • Check the circuit board for breaking limit
      • Replace the heating element
      • Replace the heating element assembly

Best to contact Amana support to help resolve this issue

How Long Do Amana Dryers Last?

Amana dryer can last somewhere between ten to 13 years, depending on the model you purchase and how well you take care of it over the years.

A well-maintained Amana dryer can prove its value through longevity as it’ll sit comfortably in your basement for more than a decade.

Are Amana Dryers Any Good?

Yes, Amana Dryers are good. Amana has been making appliances since 1934, and they have only gotten better over time.

With the adaptation of the latest technological tools that can deliver durable yet luxurious products, Amana dryers are a great choice for people looking to invest in long-term appliances.

Ensure that you’re picking the right model that fits your needs and isn’t a strain on your wallet.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Amana is to Whirlpool like Hotpoint is to GE.

Its stuff is made to a price point, using older tooling from their parent company, usually in an overseas production facility, with lower tolerances, lesser grade materials, thinner steel, cheaper fasteners, rivets instead of bolts, etc.


I’m not too fond of all the bells & whistles of high-priced washers & dryers….they usually don’t do much but cause headaches. We opted for this fairly basic dryer & it works perfectly so far!

It has more room than our last one, so the clothes come out virtually wrinkle-free! I would recommend it highly….unless you NEED to spend more $$


Good basic dryer with one dial and four heat settings!!

I believe it displayed 12 settings online, but those are the settings within low, auto high, timed high, and no heat.

Kind of misleading, but I should have paid more attention.


Pros and Cons Amana Dryer

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Amana Dryer


  • Budget-friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Works great


  • Front-loader not stackable
  • Lacks features against other expensive brands
  • Relatively lower capacity


So, there you have it, our complete guide to troubleshooting your Amana dryer, so you’re always well-informed in case of trouble.

Read through the article carefully and contact a skilled technician if you’re dealing with a strange fault. Good luck!

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