Why Are Gaggenau Appliances So Expensive? (Must Read)

You only realize how insanely expensive everything is when you have to renovate your kitchen or the entire house.

Scrolling through options on the internet would make you question the revamp decision, especially if you’re skimming the Gaggenau(1) website.

Don’t worry; we’ll shed some light on the many factors that affect the pricing of this German brand.

We will also suggest other reputable brands that may be an ideal replacement for Gaggenau. So please stick with us to the end.

Why Are Gaggenau Appliances So Expensive?

In short, Gaggenau appliances are expensive as they are one of the most reliable options in the market for home or commercial usage.

Since they require little to no maintenance even after years of use, customers save money in the long run by investing in something unique, top-of-the-line, and laden with high-end features.

Additionally, Gaggenau has a reputation for minimalism combined with elevated luxury, and who doesn’t like a futuristic yet dependable fridge (or any other appliance) in their kitchen?

So now we have answered the main question let’s explore Gaggenau appliances

Are Gaggenau Appliances Worth The money?

Yes, Gaggenau appliances are worth the money if you’re looking for a high-end luxury brand with innovative design, long-lasting materials, and expert craftsmanship.

If you’re shopping for high quality and dependable fridge to keep your food fresh without any hassles, Gaggenau is a solid choice.

Before purchasing a Gaggenau appliance, of course, you must be wondering if the spent money would bring you enough value in the form of mental peace and high practicality.

Here are a few points worth considering while evaluating the worth of Gaggenau appliances.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Centuries of expertise:

As many of you already may know that Gaggenau wasn’t always a sub-division of Bosch as it is now, and it worked as an independent brand dating back to 1683, infamous for premium quality.

So if you’re in the market looking for reliable kitchen appliances, Gaggenau can be one of your best bets.

It is safe to say that the experience of hundreds of years Gaggenau has collected over the years shows in the products.

  1. Unique German styling:

Another thing Gaggenau is popular for is its unique design approach that revolves around incredible minimalism combined with high practicality.

At first glance, many enthusiasts often recognize Gaggenau’s appliances, as they stand out significantly from other kitchen items.

Besides, who doesn’t want a futuristic yet highly efficient cooktop (or any other machine) to lighten up their abode?

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  1. Ground-breaking inventions:

Gaggenau is the first brand that introduced the iconic convection steam ovens, an appliance copied and improved by many other companies later.

They were also the first to invent ceramic cooktops that later became a must-have in modern kitchens.

With Gaggenau’s track record, we can expect more innovations as the technological era expands around us.

  1. Premium-quality construction:

As insane as the price tag of Gaggenau products is, you may not get a better-quality construction from another brand.

Their incredible attention to detail and immense durability makes Gaggenau one of the most dependable brands in the market.

The high construction standard allows the device to for extended years without a need for regular servicing or replacing parts.

  1. Commercial gold standard:

When purchasing a kitchen appliance for commercial usage, Gaggenau is the golden standard.

If you own a restaurant or plan on setting up an open kitchen, investing in Gaggenau is an ideal option.

Since commercial use is a bit rigorous and requires sturdy equipment, regular brands may not hold up as well.

Gaggenau or Miele, Which Is Better?

Miele and Gaggenau are two of the most prestigious appliance brands. They are more expensive, but they offer superior quality, design, and durability.

Due to its superior design and high-end features, Gaggenau is considered to be better than Miele. Miele, on the other hand, is thought to be better than Gaggenau since it is more efficient, environmentally friendly, and less expensive.

Both Gaggenau and Miele are reputable brands that have made a significant name for themselves with sheer dedication to quality and user comfort.

So naturally, the community is split into two parts, each preferring one over the other.

It is also challenging to rank one over the other because they deal in different niches and their products are very different.

Gaggenau primarily deals in cooktops, ovens, vacuum cleaners, and more.

On the other hand, Miele makes refrigerators, dishwashers, wine coolers, etc.

However, in terms of experience, we can say that Gaggenau is the clear winner.

They came into being in 1683, while Miele set its foot into the market in 1899.

Miele has a solid edge over Gaggenau if we talk about efficiency and performance.

Not saying that Gaggenau is any bad, as it holds a five-star efficiency rating.

But Miele is even better. From detailed eco-friendly features and cutting energy costs to incredible aesthetics.

Of course, price is also a distinguishing factor in a direct comparison between the two products.

You’ll find Miele to be slightly more inexpensive than Gaggenau products, but the latter more than makes up for it due to the highest-end features.

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Other Appliance brands worth considering:

If you’re skeptical about Gaggenau, you can choose another reputable brand to make your investment worthwhile.

To help you with the decision, here are some excellent options:

  1. Miele:

You can’t make a list of luxury kitchen appliances without including the infamous Miele.

This German brand came into being in 1899 (2), and since then has revolutionized the industry with fantastic machines.

Their in-house manufacturing ensures the highest quality and extended durability as every device goes through a rigorous testing process.

  1. Thermador:

Another company that comes under the umbrella of Bosch is Thermador.

Primarily known for cooktops and ranges, Thermador was the first one to introduce a self-cleaning oven.

Since there are no hinges in the appliances, you can integrate them into the cabinetry.

Thermador is stepping into the refrigeration business, and we hope for great things from them.

  1. Sub Zero and Wolf:

Sub Zero and Wolf work independently (almost) but come under the same ownership as the former bought the latter in 2000.

These two brands are known for their long-lasting products, where some refrigerators even last up to 20 years.

You can get the appliances built into your cabinetry with the help of professionals for the most refined look.


All in all, whichever brand you use, you are bound to find exciting features in the product that will make your life much easier.

But are they all worth the money? It depends.

If you’re purchasing the highest-end appliance for only using it for yourself, then you may not be able to find the value out of your investment.


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