Why Are Liebherr Appliances So Expensive? (Must Read)

The kitchen is often the heart of any home, where simple ingredients transform into exquisite recipes.

The primary element of a soul-nourishing kitchen is the appliances it contains and how well they integrate with the cooking routine to make things easier for you.

A renowned name in the kitchen appliance market, a German brand named Liebherr, is famous for its high-end refrigerators, freezers, and wine cabinets.

This article will discuss why Liebherr appliances are so expensive and will it be worth spending money on them.

Let’s start.

Why are Liebherr appliances so expensive?

Liebherr appliances are expensive because they are positioned as a high-end brand with well-engineered quality components.

Here is a list of reasons why Liebherr appliances may cost you an arm.

Take a look:

  • More than 60 years of experience and timeless, innovative designs
  • Seamless and straightforward integration with your kitchen
  • Sustainable, environment-friendly construction with cost-efficient mechanisms bakes inside
  • Ten years of product support, including original spare parts

Are Liebherr Appliances Worth the Money? (Explained)

Yes, Liebherr appliances are well worth the money if you want a high-end brand with all the bells and whistles. But, at the end of the day refrigerators’ job is to keep stuff cold, so a lot of it comes down to preference, and features and it becomes very individual.

While spending the hard-earned cash, you want to invest in things that can bring you fair value in the short or long term.

For example, a refrigerator that may last for two decades with minimal repairs would be of heavenly value even if you bought it for $2000.

Luckily, Liebherr appliances offer an immaculate array of short and long-term benefits that makes them worthy of the spent money.

Liebherr delivers dependable products that align with the latest technology while staying finger-print free (some models) and appealing.

From seamless integration with your kitchen to spill-proof auto-lock fridge doors, Liebherr appliances can be the best bet for people looking to purchase an appliance for a commercial kitchen setup.


What The Reviews Say

My 30″ Liebherr was the most expensive thing I bought for my kitchen, and I’ve never regretted it once. Besides being virtually silent, it keeps food fresher longer than any fridge I’ve ever had – I love it for that alone.

Also, I like the stainless steel wire shelves, which I find easier to clean and more attractive than the big molded plastic ones.

Plus, I really like how the company has responsible manufacturing practices (no mercury, little exploited labor, which accounts for a lot of the cost) — and the thing is off the chart from all other fridges in terms of Energy Star efficiency.


Love our Liebherr for exactly everything that circuspeanut said.

We have a 24″ all-fridge model, so the Liebherr was uniquely suited to what we were looking for.




Other Appliance Brands Worth Considering:

If you’re skeptical about buying a Liebherr appliance due to its price or any other reason, there are many reliable options you can consider. Here they are:

  1. Whirlpool

We start our list with the most reliable appliance brand on the market currently, Whirlpool.

If you are a confused soul when it comes to appliance purchases and want to pick a brand that would ideally do its job, then Whirlpool is the perfect option for you.

They offer immense durability and are easy to use in both residential and commercial settings.

This American brand also has many sub-brands, including KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Consul, and Maytag.

These sub-brands are performing well, especially KitchenAid which ranks first on the Ranker survey out of all large kitchen appliance brands.

Whirlpool comes second, offering almost the same user satisfaction and reliability level as the brand currently holding the top spot.

You may want to note that Whirlpool appliances don’t usually have sparkly features or delicate/luxurious components, as you may see in many other top products.

Instead, the main focus stays on long-term durability, which is ideal for most homeowners.

However, if you want to invest in versatile, substantial appliances, you might want to consider a company other than Whirlpool.

  1. LG

You may know LG from their infamous electronic products such as televisions, mobile phones, etc., but this South-Korean brand has many kitchen appliances to its name too.

You can find a range of high-quality refrigerators, water coolers, microwaves, ice makers, and many other products on their official website and in local appliance stores.

LG made a name for itself by committing to manufacturing user-friendly products that include enough technology to stay up to date, but not too much that it affects the reliability of the appliance.

This sweet spot has brought much success to the LG enterprise, and now they rank among the top kitchen appliance brand in the world.

Most notably, LG has several awards to its name where its appliances ranked higher than any other brand globally, including a top spot on the prestigious JD Power ranking.

So it is safe to say that LG can be an ideal option for someone looking to invest in the highest-quality appliance that will last years to come.

  1. Samsung

Like LG, we know Samsung from the world of electronics too, where they make waves of excitement every year with the release of new high-end phones, media screens, and other innovative devices.

And keeping up with the similarities with LG, they also manufacture the most efficient and incredible kitchen appliances for everyday use.

Samsung is one of the top-selling brands in the US, and people adore these products due to their compatibility with the latest tech.

For instance, most Samsung phones are directly compatible with Samsung refrigerators where you can use your phone to control the temperature setting, play media, change preferences, and much more.

This way, Samsung also promotes their ‘ecosystem,’ encouraging users to buy the whole set of devices for seamless connectivity across all of them.

Surprisingly, Samsung products stand out even if placed among the most luxurious brands, signifying the fantastic quality of the manufacturing design enforced in each product.

If you want a product that will accessorize your kitchen with the most perks of modern technological advancement, Samsung is an easy choice.

  1. Bosch

You can think of Bosch as the mid-level option for people looking to invest in a helpful kitchen appliance that performs adequately.

In no way does this mean that Bosch is a mediocre brand, but on the contrary, it is a good value choice for people on a budget.

Additionally, there also exist Bosch appliances that are even more expensive than Whirlpool or Samsung, adding to the versatility of the available options for the customers.

This German brand is infamous for its incredible cooktops, cooking ranges, and microwaves.

Many professional cooks and grill masters laud Bosch for their practical designs and attention to small detail, making the cooking job much more manageable.

Other appliances by Bosch, such as washing machines and cooking appliances, did not perform very well on various surveys.

  1. Miele

The last entry on our list is another German brand known to be one of the most expensive appliances brands in the world. Being one of the oldest horses in this race,

Miele carries a mantle of excellence and luxury that trickles into the quality of its products.

It came into being in 1899, and even after more than a century of success, Miele is still striving forward.

All the parts (big or small) needed to build a Miele appliance are manufactured within the Miele factory, meaning they outsource none of the production.

This way, Miele can ensure that the machine is up to the standards, but of course, this factor results in elevated prices.

If you are looking to invest in pure quality and rigorously tested products, Miele is the perfect option.

Many top-end restaurants prefer Miele’s durable construction and power-saving tools to run their business efficiently.

Is Liebherr a Part of Miele?

No. Liebherr is not a part of Miele, but instead, it identifies as a stand-alone company that delivers innovative and reliable technological products.

The only thing common between the two brands is that they both originate from Germany and address the same customer market.

Liebherr came into being in 1949, while Miele has completed over a century of its operations since its inauguration in 1899.

However, they both are equally popular among the community due to their commitment to the highest standards and innovative in-house manufacturing designs.


Liebherr appliances are expensive because they are marketed as a high-end brand, well-engineered using high-quality parts.

If you want a high-end quality brand with all the bells and whistles, Liebherr appliances are well worth the money. However, the reason for refrigerators’ existence is to keep things cold, a lot of it comes down to individual taste and features, making decisions personal.

In theory, any product that delivers value against the purchase price by making your life easier and practical is worth it. However, please note that appliances can improve their life with consistent care and lose years if treated improperly.

Luckily, Liebherr’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality makes them worth the hefty price point, especially for commercial purposes.


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