Electric Stovetops: 7 Common Problems (with solutions)


Do you have a new electric stovetop or an older stovetop that isn’t working properly?

It’s annoying when appliances start having problems!

You can try a few things before calling a service technician if your electric cooktop isn’t working properly.

7 Common Problems with Electric Stovetops (with solutions)

The most common problems with electric stovetops, based on our experience, are listed below.

Electric Cooktop Won’t Turn On

You can’t cook with a broken appliance, and if your electric cooktop won’t turn on, you could be dealing with a variety of problems.

The most obvious reason a cooktop won’t turn on is that it isn’t plugged in.

Before looking into other problems, make sure your unit is properly plugged in and that its outlet is not damaged.


To test the outlet, use a multimeter or try using another small appliance, such as a lamp or blow dryer.

If these tests fail, you should contact an electrician to repair the outlet.

If your outlet is working but your cooktop isn’t, the problem is most likely with the appliance’s internal components.

Electric Coils Won’t Heat

Electric coil burners are used in traditional electric cooktops.

When you turn on the appliance, you expect the coils to heat up in preparation for cooking.

If your cooktop is receiving power but the coils are not heating, you could be dealing with a variety of problems.


A loose connection between the coils and the cooktop is a common cause of this problem.

The coils of an electric cooktop must be removed for deep cleaning, and if they are not properly replaced, they will not receive power.

Check that your coils are properly installed and that nothing is stuck between the coil element and the stove.

You could also have a problem with the cooktop’s internal ignition switch, which provides the necessary action to heat the burners.

Meals are not cooked evenly

Having unevenly cooked meals is not fun.

Takes extra effort in cooking your favorite dish.

Your meal may not be heating up properly on a flattop burner if the wrong pan is being used.

Choose pans with the same heating element diameter to stop food from heating up unevenly.

Additionally, the pan’s composition matters because copper and aluminum tend to cook food uniformly.

However, pans made of copper, aluminum, ceramic, and stainless steel typically scratch the cooktop’s surface.


If you try several pans and your food still cooks unevenly, there could be an issue with the cooktop’s internal components.

Get the help of a technician or anyone with greater experience.


Cannot Change the Temperature of the Burners

Electric cooktops are popular among homeowners because they provide precise temperature control.

If you can’t adjust the temperature of your burners properly, you won’t be able to take advantage of everything your appliance has to offer.


This issue could be caused by a problem with the unit’s infinite switch.

This switch is linked to the power level dial, and a faulty switch will force your burners to heat to a specific level regardless of your desired settings.

A faulty internal ignition switch is another common cause of this problem.

Whatever the cause, you should contact an appliance repair service to resolve this problem.


Cooktop Creates Sparks When Turned On

An electric cooktop should not spark like a gas cooktop before it is turned on.

If you notice sparks coming from your electric unit, you should immediately make repairs.

If your electric cooktop produces sparks, the heating element may be damaged.

Excessive weight or temperature can cause this component to fail, resulting in dangerous sparks.


There could be loose wire connections around the electric coil burners as well, which could be causing sparks.

These sparks are extremely dangerous because they can cause fatal electric shock.

Keeping this in mind, you should always seek out a professional cooktop repair expert to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


The indicator lights are not turning on

Most modern cooktops have various indicator lights or electronic displays that provide useful information about the temperature settings of your unit.

If you notice that these lights or displays are not turning on, you most likely have a faulty control switch.


The control switch powers these features, and if it fails, you won’t be able to see the displays on your cooktop.

Your cooktop may also have burned-out bulbs.

Both of these components are replaceable and hiring an experienced appliance repair technician ensures that the job is done correctly.

Digital Display Flickers

If your stove has a digital display, like most modern electric stoves and you notice it flickering you may have a dead pixel or two, but a flickering display is far more dangerous.

Flickering indicates a faulty electrical connection somewhere in the stove’s controls.

While this may be a minor display issue, a loose wire in a high-powered appliance such as your kitchen stove is far more dangerous.

If your display is flickering and rebooting the appliance or small display computer does not solve the problem, it is time to call a technician for inspection.

Cooktop electric coils are damaged

Your electric coil burners will eventually wear down, especially if you use your stove frequently.

On the coils, there may be blisters, bubbles, or cracks that indicate deterioration.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to fix these coils. Instead, you will have to spend money on new electric cooktop coils.

Make sure to buy coils that are the right size for the burners on your appliance because loose coils can lead to a variety of cooking problems and safety risks.

Stovetop Electric coils not turning off

If your burners continue to heat up after you switch them on, you have a very significant problem.

The burner may refuse to turn off in some electrical faults, which produces a very dangerous situation.

You must immediately call for repairs in this situation before using the stove once more.

Your best course of action right now, without a professional, is to unplug the stove.

By doing this, the burner socket will lose electricity, allowing the burner to cool.

How Long do Electric Cooktops last?

The average cooktop lasts for about 13 years, which is vital to keep in mind while thinking about electric cooktop repair jobs.

If you’ve had your appliance for a while, it can be wise to spend money on a newer model rather than taking on an expensive repair job.


The easiest method to maintain a peak-performing electric cooktop is to address any frequent issues right away.

You can incur higher repair costs if you let the problem with your electric stove persist.

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