How Long Does A Samsung Refrigerator Last? (Important Facts)

There can be various reasons why you want to know, “how long does a refrigerator last?”

Either you are on the lookout for replacing your current one with a new model, or you want to have a rough idea of how long your investment will bear fruit?

In any case, this article has all you need to know about the reliability of Samsung refrigerators and how long they will continue to bless your kitchen space.

Read on to learn more.

Here Is the Short Answer to How Long Samsung Refrigerator Lasts:

Most Samsung Refrigerators have a lifespan of at least ten years, whereas some models can reach up to 15 or 20 years if properly taken care of by the user.

How Many Years Can You Expect from A Samsung Refrigerator?

As many of you may already know, standard Samsung refrigerators come with a one or two-year warranty, depending on the model.

Additionally, there is a separate warranty for the compressor that is typically valid for ten years.

The average life span of a Samsung refrigerator is ten years, but it can last up to 15 to 20 years if taken care of properly.

Typically, the average refrigerator is good for ten years, which aligns with what manufacturers claim on the box.

So, judging by these numbers, customers should be confident that the purchase of a Samsung Refrigerator will last at least a decade or even more if you’re optimistic.

But it isn’t as smooth sailing as you’d expect.

How Soon Should You Expect Problems with A Samsung Refrigerator?

A recent survey reports that up to 40% of refrigeration appliances broke down in the first five years of purchase. This breakdown can be due to a range of reasons, including customer negligence, faulty parts, irresponsible repairs, and much more.

So how can you be sure that your investment will pay off?

You can practice specific tips and tricks to ensure a safe working environment for your refrigeration appliance.

But we will discuss them later in the article.

Regardless, taking good care of your Samsung refrigerator can significantly affect its working condition over the years.

For example, investing in a smart fridge that sets out an alarm if the door is left open can dramatically reduce energy wastage and, in many cases, increase the product’s lifespan.

How Reliable Is a Samsung Refrigerator?

Samsung, along with LG and Whirlpool, is one of the most reputable brands regarding the quality and reliability of its refrigerators. Their engineers and experts consistently innovate their products that make the Japanese brand stand out from the rest.

But trusting blindly in a brand’s reputation should never be an option, so we snooped around to find out some critical information.

Here it is:

  • While Samsung refrigerators may not be as long-lasting and reliable as the iconic GE products before their acquirement by the Chinese, they are second in line on par with LG.
  • Being easy to use and maneuver even with all the added features, Samsung fridges make it easy for you to carry out daily refrigeration tasks.
  • It is easy to get them fixed by a professional due to their sheer popularity. Even if you can’t contact a Samsung professional, you can always hire a local electrician to identify the problem.

The Best and Worst Model of The Samsung Refrigerator:

While the overachieving Japanese brand has several landmarks to its name, sometimes Samsung disappoints its loyal customer base.

We will discuss the best and worst models separately for you to have a better idea.

Let’s take a look:

The Best Samsung Refrigerator Model:

The best Samsung refrigerator model is their newest creation, Family Hub.

Family Hub offers a range of options to the customers to choose the suitable style for their kitchen.

The available options are 4-Door Flex, 4-Door French Door, 3-Door French Door, and Side-by-Side.

From built-in Alexa to excellent connectivity with your family members and smart-home devices, this Samsung fridge has it all.

Do you feel yourself getting bored in the kitchen? Mirror your Samsung TV screen onto the refrigerator.

Or do you need music to accompany you while making dinner? You got it through the in-built entertainment system.

There is a feature for everyone.

The Worst Samsung Refrigerator Model:

Samsung somehow managed to make their mistake worse by knowingly selling defective refrigerator models, making it easy for us to give our worst model award.

Yes, we are talking about the Samsung French Door refrigerator series, the reason why Samsung is going through a class-action lawsuit involving thousands of people.

From unanswered customer phone calls to unprofessional customer service practices, Samsung disappointed a lot of people.

The main problem was with the ice makers that would malfunction and cause it to spill.

The faulty ice maker component was nothing less than a horror movie for people who had wooden kitchen floors. And naturally, it got discontinued soon.

Tips To Prolong the Life of Your Samsung Refrigerator:

Now that you’re aware of the life expectancy of a Samsung refrigerator, we will list some essential practices that can ensure that your prized investment pays off for years to come.

  • The condenser coils in a refrigerator can accumulate debris, dust, or hair that may cause it to function at a lower level. As you may know, condenser coils dissipate heat for optimum functioning of the appliance.
    So, if this process is disturbed, the efficiency of your fridge decreases, and it may break down. Hence vacuuming the condenser coil is a must at least twice a year.
  • Refrigerator gaskets prevent the cold air from escaping through the door. Still, if they have spillage of food bits over them, it reduces their efficiency, hence pushing the compressor to work harder than usual.
    Wiping the gaskets regularly with a damp cloth can be an ideal practice to elongate your appliance’s lifespan.
  • As enticing as it may be to store products on top of the fridge, you should avoid it.
    Any items placed on the refrigerator can affect its ability to dissipate heat. Similarly, leave at least a one-inch gap if you’re setting the fridge under a cabinet.
  • For people who have a water filter in the fridge, it is best to change it every six months.
    However, be careful while buying a new filter and only opt for one that comes from a reliable source.

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