SMEG Stand Mixer Problems: 7 Common Issues (Simple Fixes)

Stand mixers are one of the most useful tools you can get for your kitchen.

Whether you need to mix cookie dough or bake something, a stand mixer comes in handy for every recipe that requires stirring.


What’s best is that having a Smeg stand mixer can further ease your cooking.

However, at times, your Smeg stand mixer might run into issues.

So, continue reading below to avoid common problems.

SMEG Stand Mixer Not Turning On

A working Smeg mixer should turn on in an instant after pressing the on/off switch.

If your SMEG stand mixer does not turn on, it is most likely because it is not plugged in, or there is a problem with the socket or cord.

Follow the solutions mentioned below to fix the mixer.

Possible solution(s):

  • Start by checking the outlet by plugging in a different working device. If the device does not work, you will need to plug in your mixer in a different socket
  • Alternatively, you can check the circuit breaker switch for that particular socket and make sure it isn’t turned off to allow power to the mixer
  • If all solutions above fail to work, the power cord may be faulty. You can test the power cord with a voltmeter and have it replaced if it’s defective.

SMEG Stand Mixer Not Locking In

SMEG stand mixer not locking in is typically caused by the beater being too high on a tilt head mixer, thereby preventing the head from locking into place.

Before mixing, the mixer’s head must lock in facing downwards to avoid spilling its contents outside due to free movement.

If you notice your mixer’s head moving up and down while mixing, follow the solutions below.

Possible solution(s):

  • Typically, this issue can easily be fixed by setting the mixer’s head height slightly higher than it was before.
  • However, if doing so does not solve the problem, you will need to call a professional to fix the issue, as it can get quite technical.

SMEG Stand Mixer Stopped Working

If your Smeg stand mixer has suddenly stopped working or isn’t spinning after turning it on, there is an internal issue it’s facing.

Continue to read the solutions mentioned below to fix your mixer.

Possible solution(s):

  • The most common reason behind this issue is a faulty motor that has overheated. To replace the motor, you will need to get help from an expert.
  • If the motor is working fine, disassemble the mixer and make sure wires are connected properly to the speed control plate and the phase control board.

SMEG Stand Mixer Making Loud Noise

It’s normal for a Smeg mixer to make some noise while mixing.

However, if you discover that your Smeg mixer is making more noise than usual, it’s probably because some food debris or other foreign object got lodged inside of it.

You can disassemble the mixer, look inside, and get rid of the thing.

Check out the instructions below if you are unable to find the unwanted object.

Possible solution(s):

  • One of the most common reasons behind this issue is a failed worm gear. Try replacing the worm gear to reduce the noise.
  • If the worm gear isn’t the cause of the issue, you will need to apply new grease to the gears of the mixer and remove the old grease.

SMEG Stand Mixer Not Spinning

If you’ve turned on your Smeg mixer, but it fails to function properly and do its job, it’s facing an internal issue that is preventing it from spinning.

Here are some solutions to fix the issue.

Possible solution(s):

  • Usually, if your Smeg mixer stops working, it’s due to a worn-out worm gear that plays an important role in the spinning mechanism.
  • To fix the mixer, you will need to replace the worm gear with a new one by disassembling the mixer from the top.

SMEG Stand Mixer Only Working at Specific Speeds

If your mixer only spins at certain speeds and fails to function at other levels of speed, there’s something wrong with its internal parts.

Here are some solutions to help you solve the issue.

Possible solution(s):

  • A common reason for this issue is a loosely connected hall sensor. The hall sensor is the grey wire connecting the speed lever and the control board. Connect it properly and check if the mixer works.
  • If the hall sensor is connected properly, you will need to replace the circuit board.

SMEG Stand Mixer Leaking Oil

Smeg mixers are manufactured with grease packed inside them to lubricate gears and prevent machinery from being worn out.

But it can become a problem when the grease starts to leak as oil. Here are some solutions to help you solve the issue.

Possible solution(s):

  • The only way to solve the issue is to remove the old grease and replace it with new grease. You will need to call a professional for this purpose.
  • Alternatively, you can turn on the mixer and remove the excess oil before adding food to it. Even if there is some oil seeping into the food, it won’t be harmful as it’s food grade.

SMEG Stand Mixer Still Not Working?

The solutions mentioned above can be used to solve a wide range of different issues with Smeg stand mixers.

However, sometimes, the problem can be of a more technical nature, requiring a different solution.

If that’s the case with you and your stand mixer fails to work even after trying out all the solutions mentioned above, you may need to contact a professional.

But you can also try taking a look at the user manual that came along with the stand mixer. Follow the steps for troubleshooting in the user manual and fix the problem accordingly.

How Long Do SMEG Stand Mixers Last?

Smeg is a well-known brand in the kitchen appliance industry. Not only does Smeg produce some of the most innovative products with great features and looks, but it also has long-lasting and durable products.

The Smeg stand mixer is no different.

As a result, it’s safe to conclude that the Smeg mixer can last several years without facing any problems.

How To Maintain SMEG Mixer

Keeping your Smeg mixer in good condition through regular maintenance can help you increase its lifespan and avoid common problems like those mentioned above.

Cleaning your stand mixer every couple of days is a great way to maintain your Smeg stand mixer. This prevents dirt from getting inside the machinery of the mixer and causing issues.

Furthermore, you can also add grease to the gears of the mixer to reduce friction and allow it to function as well as new.

SMEG Mixers Any Good?

Yes, SMEG mixers are very good. Smeg is known to create long-lasting, well designed durable mixers.

Moreover, stand mixers from Smeg are also quite appealing and can fit in with the looks of your kitchen.

More importantly, Smeg mixers come with smart features that allow you to use and clean them with ease.

Therefore, Smeg manufactures some of the best stand mixers available in the market.

Pros and Cons of SMEG Mixers

Here are some pros and cons of SMEG mixers


  • Easy to use
  • Premium quality
  • High-performance


  • Expensive
  • Can be noisy
  • Inefficient


Adding a Smeg mixer to your kitchen is one of the best things you can do to ease your cooking.

After all, it’s a great tool and can be quite useful in preparing several different dishes.

However, just like every other machine, it’s prone to failure at times.

So, keep in mind the solutions mentioned above and follow them if your Smeg mixer fails to function.

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