How Long Does A Bosch Refrigerator Last? (Important Facts)

While the infamous German brand is very well-known for its automobile parts, Bosch also excels at household and kitchen appliances to make everyday life easier for its customers.

From washing machines and dryers to sleek refrigerators, Bosch is blessing many professional and home kitchen spaces around the globe.

But you’re here to find out how long will a Bosch refrigerator last, and we are prepared to tell you all about it.

Let’s start.

Here is the short answer to how long Bosch Refrigerator lasts:

Bosch refrigerators have a 17-year average life lifetime, but they may last up to 20 years if properly maintained, which is much longer than other manufacturers.

Negligence on your part can reduce the lifespan of your Bosch refrigerator for as much as seven years, leaving you with ten.

Similarly, if you’re extra careful in your approach, you can add a couple of years, so your investment reaches close to the golden two-decade mark.

How Many Years Can You Expect From Bosch Refrigerator?

Bosch may not be the highest-quality brand for refrigerators, but it competes well with other market giants such as Whirlpool or Samsung.

As we mentioned, the average life expectancy of a Bosch refrigerator is 17 years, but people have also reported as less as single figure years.

On the contrary, some sources also reported that their Bosch refrigerator works well even after 19 years of usage.

This statistic makes a potential Bosch buyer confused about the actual life of the product.

So how can you be sure that you’ll get the maximum value for your investment?

Like all well-manufactured kitchen appliances, proper maintenance can make Bosch refrigerators last for years to come.

For example, if you’re consistently careful about keeping the door closed, your appliance will not feel the need to work twice as hard.

This way, the condenser will have less energy load and continue to operate at peak efficiency.

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How Soon Should You Expect problems with a Bosch Refrigerator?

While some Bosch customers have reported many incidents involving broken icemakers and water leakage in the first year of purchase, many others were perfectly satisfied with the product.

So how can you be sure that your purchase will continue to work properly?

These mixed reviews are the result of Bosch struggling to refine their refrigeration line-up.

If you purchased a refrigerator from the German brand a few years ago, it might have caused you tons of trouble within the first year and is probably continuing to make your life miserable.

But with the new line-up, the potential looks promising now.

They have claimed to fix the many issues surrounding their older models, and now customer reviews are consistently positive.

How Reliable Is a Bosch Refrigerator?

Bosch Refrigerators are highly reliable, with the German brand offering many in-home and kitchen appliances manufactured under the supervision of Bosch engineers and management. 

Many of you may already know that Bosch didn’t attempt to make refrigerators their stand-out products until recently.

To bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and brand credibility, Bosch released their first in-house refrigerator (800 series), and we expect great things from it.

Although this transition is good news, it is no guarantee that Bosch refrigerators would start performing miles better.

It may be worse or surprisingly viable; only time will tell.

In any case, if you’re someone in the market looking for a reliable refrigerator option,

Bosch can be a highly dependable option. But make sure that you research your wanted product in great detail before purchase, so you’re aware of the minute yet important details for optimum refrigerator performance.

The Best and Worst Model Years of the Bosch Refrigerator:

Being a reputable brand, Bosch has a solid customer base even when they were outsourcing the entire refrigerator production unit to Chinese companies.

But there were reservations by many people that led up to Bosch deciding to make the appliance themselves.

Hence, we got blessed with the new 800 series that gets the best model award from us.

Although it is too early to say anything about the product’s life expectancy, most users have reported little to no problems, which is a good sign.

As much as Bosch brags about innovating the kitchen appliances, they haven’t delivered when it comes to sheer quality.

Old Bosch refrigerators have a common running problem of water leakage within a year of use.

Similarly, icemakers from Bosch have an embarrassingly low rating on reputable platforms.

And to make things worse for the German brand, customers don’t miss an opportunity to criticize the poor interior design.

To sum it up, if you are planning to purchase a Bosch refrigerator, you should avoid the older funky models and opt for the newest 800 series.

Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Bosch Refrigerator:

Once you’ve invested in a Bosch refrigerator, you may want to know the various tips and tricks that can make your investment stay in good shape for longer. Hence, we are listing a few important points that can help you through the process.

Here they are:

• A broken seal or a gasket can significantly reduce the performance of your fridge. The compressor has to work inefficiently to make up for the lost, cold air escaping the unit. To prevent this energy loss, ensure that the gaskets function correctly and replace them if worn out.

• Keeping your Bosch refrigerator topped to the max can greatly reduce the burden on the compressor. A stuffed refrigerator takes help from the cold food items inside to maintain optimum temperature. However, make sure that you have left space for air to flow freely, and that no huge bags or items are blocking a certain part of the fridge.

• Keep the top area of the fridge clear of any items that may block the appliance’s ability to dissipate heat.

• Power-saver mode can be a viable option for many users looking to save power by turning off refrigerator functionalities such as fridge heaters used to remove condensation from the walls.

• Lastly, the most vital practice that you need to make a habit of is cleaning the condenser coils regularly. These coils can accumulate dust particles and various kinds of debris that lower the condenser’s efficiency.


From classy features to an elegant outlook showcasing stainless steel, Bosch refrigerators have it all to be worthy of your kitchen space. However, taking extreme precautions while purchasing your preferred unit is an absolute necessity.

Bosch refrigerators have a 17-year average life span, but if properly maintained, they may last up to 20 years, which is significantly longer than other manufacturers.

We conclude this article in high hopes that you’re now aware of the necessary information surrounding the reliability of Bosch refrigerators.


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