Why Miele Appliances So Expensive? (Must Read)

If you’re someone looking for a Miele appliance for your kitchen or home usage, you have plenty of options can consider.

Your choice may depend on available space, budget, and taste.

Luckily Miele offers a range of dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and many other appliances that would be an excellent addition to your abode.

But we have to talk about the elephant in the room.

Why is Miele so outrageously expensive as other brands?

Learn all about it here.

Why Miele appliances so expensive?

Miele appliances are expensive because they invest in well-engineered, high-functioning products that are manufactured with quality materials that endure a long time.

Miele is company pledges to provide the highest-quality home and commercial appliances in the world. And this is what spurs them on.

Each part for a Miele appliance comes from the Miele factory in Germany, where it is put through rigorous testing procedures to cement its reliability.

Miele claims to offer unparalleled quality over the competitive brands in exchange for a hefty cost for their products.

To put it simply, the most premium quality in the world = highest cost.

So now we have answered the main question let’s further explore Miele

Who Is Miele? (Explained)

Miele is a German brand that manufactures high-quality domestic and kitchen appliances for home and commercial use. It came into being in 1899 when Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann joined their heads together to develop this brilliant idea.

Since its inception, Miele has been under direct ownership and run by the founding family.

Miele has been responsible for many innovative products over the century.

Most notably, they announced the world’s first electric dishwasher in 1929, which was an instant hit among the general public.

Other products include vacuum cleaners, motorcycles, and even torpedo control units for the German army to help them in World War II.

The iconic ‘i’ was very well-known among the community, and Miele has made a significant name in the appliance market.

Today, the German brand is operational globally in more than 47 countries, delivering the highest-end products for a quality-conscious market.

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Are Miele Appliances Worth the Money? (Explained)

Yes, Miele appliances are worth the money since they are high-quality, well-designed, durable, and long-lasting.

Miele is a brand that guarantees convenience, reliability, and durability, a wealth of innovative features attached to Miele appliances 

Since Miele has committed to building every part of their machinery and appliance in their backyard, they can ensure maximum quality.

Many other brands outsource parts or services from various parts of the world to bring down the overall price of the product.

This practice may seem valuable as we’re getting cheaper appliances through it, but how can you be sure that the third party did a good job?

Take Miele ovens for an example. An average oven lasts for about 13.7 years, while a similar appliance from the German brand has a lifespan of 17 years.

Similarly, the Miele washing machine comes with a ten-year guarantee for the bearings.

Hence, if you run into a problem, you got your basis covered.

So, if you’re willing to break the bank to get your hands on a reliable product that can last for decades to come, Miele is a perfect choice.

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Other Appliance Brands Worth Considering:

Don’t worry if you find yourself second-guessing the possibility of buying a Miele appliance due to its high pricing.

Many other brands can do a great job at making your everyday life easier through innovative technology.

Here are a few options:

  1. Whirlpool:

Whirlpool is widely known as the most dependable brand of household and kitchen appliances on the market.

And the American company has delivered on this title for many years now.

Many sources have suggested that Whirlpool products need the least amount of repairs compared to all the top brands.

On top of that, the Whirpool customer service has a refined structure that, in most cases, can help you debug or repair the unit without the need of a repairman.

Whirlpool also has exclusive research centers all over the US, committed to finding the best customer-friendly solutions for the general public.

Since these centers focus mainly on user input and desires, Whirpool gets a clearer picture of its audience’s needs.

Combining this data with their highly-skilled workforce such as engineers, software specialists, etc., Whirlpool has been able to manufacture sought-after products admired by many.

With all eyes on this American brand, Whirlpool spends extra thought on their final products, so they only deliver the highest-end appliances to maintain their reputation.

  1. Bosch:

Another excellent option for anyone looking to buy reliable kitchen appliances is Bosch.

This German brand is known for its innovative technology and the newest trends that simplify your kitchen and home tasks.

You can have a rough idea of the Bosch ideology through the interconnectivity of appliances with the user’s phone.

Are you planning on leaving the house while the washing machine is still running?

No problem, turn it off through your phone.

Curious whether you turned off the oven but are too lazy to leave your room and check? Check the status on your phone.

These examples dictate how much Bosch wants to bring comfort to the human/machine interactions, and we’re here for it.

These innovative ideas are the primary reason Bosch is considered the most family-friendly brand globally.

  1. Samsung

Samsung is a Japanese brand that has by far sold the most appliance in the US.

With a huge number of buyers, Samsung carries the responsibility of delivering the most premium appliances that are reliable, classy, and efficient.

Although the Japanese brand is known for its success in the smartphone and TV industry, they are not lagging behind other products such as dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, etc.

The interesting thing about Samsung is that they trickle down the best parts from their successful products to their home and kitchen appliances.

This way, Samsung reduces the overall cost of their product and ensures the latest technological benefits.

You may have heard of the Samsung ecosystem and how it connects you with the electric appliances you use.

This ecosystem spreads to any latest Samsung product you buy, and a common operating system allows a multitude of otherwise unavailable features in other brands.


Miele is expensive because they invest in well-engineered, high functioning, manufactured with quality materials that are long-lasting and durable.

Miele appliances may require you to sell an arm before you can afford them.

But if money isn’t the primary issue, you can’t go wrong with the prestigious German brand.

Most people have reported great content and extended longevity for their Miele products, and as it seems, it’s only going to get better.

If you find a Miele purchase extravagant, we mentioned many other alternative brands too for your convenience.

Make sure that you research thoroughly before making a final purchase to prevent ending up with an undesired product

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