Cooper & Hunter Problems: 7 Common Issues (Simple Answers)

Cooper & Hunter is known to manufacture some of the most reliable split systems units available on the market.

However, even such reliable machines are prone to failure at times.


If you’re having trouble with your Cooper & Hunter air conditioner, continue reading below.

Cooper & Hunter Mini-Split Won’t Turn On

Pressing the remote control and the Cooper & Hunter mini split not turning on. Frustrating on a hot humid day!!

If your Cooper & Hunter mini split isn’t turning on, the problem is most likely a tripped circuit breaker or an insecure power supply.

Before you call a technician check if there is a blown fuse or a tripped breaker, If the fuse is found to be burnt out, replace the burned-out fuse and reset the circuit breaker to fix the error.

If you find yourself in such a situation, refer to the solutions mentioned below.

Possible solution(s):

  • The first thing you should do is check if the power cable is plugged in properly and if the circuit breaker has not been tripped. You can also plug the power cable into a different socket to test if there’s an issue with the socket. 
  • If the unit seems to be getting a constant supply of power, there’s something wrong with the internal machinery of the unit. Cleaning the clogged filter might help at times; however, usually, you’ll need a professional to fix the condenser coil or compressor.

Cooper & Hunter Fan Not Working

If your Cooper & Hunter fan is not working its likely to be a faulty motor or relay board

To fix this problem, continue reading the solutions for this issue below.

Possible solution(s):

  • If you’re not receiving any air, chances are, there’s something wrong with the fan. Usually, there are three issues with the fan that include obstructions between the blades, bent blades, and a jammed fan axle. To fix these issues, simply open the AC unit and bring the blades back into shape, removing any obstructions.
  • If the fan appears to be fine, there’s something wrong with the fan motor. Test the motor with the help of a multimeter. If the motor does not have any current, call a professional to replace it.

Cooper & Hunter Mini-Split Not Cooling

At times, everything in your Cooper & Hunter mini split will appear to be working fine except the cooling.

This can be quite frustrating, as your AC becomes practically useless.

If your Cooper & Hunter Air mini split is not cooling, it’s likely to be a clogged air filter or defective thermostat.

However, there’s no need to worry, as you might be able to fix it by reading the solutions and causes below.

Possible solution(s):

  • The cool air passes through the air filter before it reaches you. However, if the air filter is too dirty, most of the air will be held back. So, open up your unit and clean up the filter thoroughly for a quick fix.
  • If the air filter is already cleaned up, your unit has some faulty components that need to be replaced. Typically, these components include a thermistor and a condenser coil. You will need to call a professional to fix these components.

Cooper & Hunter Remote Control Not Responding

The remote control comes in handy when you want to change the settings of your Cooper & Hunter AC without having to use the control panel on the AC.

If your Cooper & Hunter remote isn’t working, the problem is most likely with the batteries.

Possible solution(s):

  • Usually, this issue can be easily fixed by simply replacing the low batteries in the remote control. However, if the remote control still doesn’t work, you may be using it out of range. 
  • The control panel in the mini-split is responsible for receiving signals from the remote. However, if the control panel is faulty, the mini-split will remain unresponsive. To fix this issue, you need to check the connections of the control panel to the main power and replace them if broken. 

Cooper & Hunter Making Too Much Noise

While a normally functioning Cooper & Hunter unit will make some noise, it can become a common problem when your unit begins to make excessive noise.

However, this problem can easily be fixed by using the solutions below.

Possible solution(s):

  • If you hear something rattling or vibrating inside the AC, it’s usually due to debris. So, open your AC unit and remove any unwanted objects near the vents, filter, and fans. 
  • If there is no debris in your AC, clean up the air filter, as air passes through a clogged air filter can produce a lot of noise.

Cooper & Hunter Mini-Split Faulty Compressor

  • The culprit behind a faulty compressor might simply be a lack of power. So, make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped and the power cable is plugged in correctly. There may also be a disconnection of power within the unit that you’ll need to fix by opening the AC.
  • Failed AC parts are another reason behind a faulty compressor. If the capacitor and thermostat have failed to work, the compressor won’t start either. To fix these components, you will need to call a professional.

Cooper & Hunter Mini-Split Bad Odor

Cooper & Hunter mini-split producing an unpleasant smell is typically caused by mould or a refrigerator leak.

A refrigerant leak is likely if your mini-split smells like fish, or vinegar or has a sweet odor. A lack of chilled air is another tell-tale sign that you don’t have enough refrigerant.

If you’re dealing with this issue, it’s best to use some of the solutions mentioned below as soon as possible.

Possible solution(s):

  • If your mini-split has been spreading an unpleasant smell, it could be due to the presence of mold. After all, the humid internal environment of an AC is the perfect place for mold to grow. You will need to contact a professional to get rid of the mold for you.
  • If mold isn’t a problem and your mini-split is still spreading a bad smell, your AC might have an issue with its components. Overheated parts can easily spread a burning smell. Additionally, a gas leak can produce the smell of rotten eggs. To fix faulty components, call in a professional.