Waring Blender Problems: 7 Common Issues (Simple Fixes)


When it comes to blenders, many people believe that Waring is the best option.


The Waring is one of the best and most powerful blenders on the market. It creates smooth blends with few pieces or clumps.

Even the most powerful blenders, however, occasionally fail.

Fortunately, the usual problems with Waring blenders can be avoided and fixed by reading the information below.

Waring Blender Problems: 7 Common Issues (Simple Fixes)

Here are 7 common issues with Waring blenders, along with effective ways to help you fix them.

This is not to say that if you buy a Waring, you will have these problems.

These are the most commonly experienced problems.

Not too dissimilar to other fridge brands.

Waring Blender Not Turning On

At times you might not be able to turn on your Waring blender by simply pressing the start button.

Waring blender not turning on is typically caused by a faulty power supply or fuse. 

In such a situation, it’s best to follow the solutions mentioned below to start using your blender again.

Possible solution(s):

  • First off, ensure proper power connectivity to the blender by checking for loose power cables
  • If everything seems fine with power connectivity, try plugging in the blender in a different socket. If it works again on a different outlet, the problem is most likely with the original outlet.
  • Additionally, you can also check the fuse. To test the fuse, use a voltmeter and if you notice a high reading, replace the fuse to fix your blender.

If your blender is still not working properly, check your warranty and, if necessary, return it, purchase a new blender, or seek repair from a qualified technician.


Waring Blender Leaking from Bottom

While leaks from the top can occur due to overfilling the blender jar and can easily be fixed, bottom leaks can be quite frustrating.

However, the solutions mentioned below can help you fix this issue with ease.

Possible solution(s):

  • Check the sealing ring at the bottom of the jug is correctly placed sealing the contents within the jug.
  • The most common culprit behind a Waring Blender is caused by a bottom leak of a broken blender jar. Detach the blender jar and check for any cracks. Even a hairline crack is enough to cause a leak.
  • However, if the jar appears to be fine, the blender gasket responsible for making a leak-proof seal might be broken. Detach the jar and replace the gasket if it’s broken.

Waring Blender Blade Not Spinning

If your Waring blender turns on but does not start blending, you have likely overfilled your blender. 

Refer to the solutions below to fix the issue.

Possible solution(s):

  • A common reason for this issue is that you might have overfilled your blender jar, making it difficult for the blades to spin. Try starting the blender after taking out some food.
  • If the problem persists, the fans may not be able to spin due to a lack of liquid. Add some water and then start the blender.
  • If the blender still doesn’t spin, there is a mechanical problem with the drive gear and motor. Call a professional to fix the issue.

If you are unsure about any of these tasks or do not want to risk voiding your appliance’s warranty, contact a qualified technician.

Waring Blender Too Slow

Over time, you may notice your Waring blender spinning slower than usual, which is usually caused by being overloaded with ingredients or having motor problems.

This can be a major issue, as it can make it quite difficult for your blender to chop food.

However, the solutions mentioned below can help you out of this problem.

Possible solution(s):

  • Make sure the ingredients are not overloading the blender. Too many solid ingredients will also make it difficult for the blades to move effectively.
  • The main reason behind slow blade spinning is worn-out brushes in the blade motor. To fix the issue, you will need to replace the motor.
  • However, another reason might be overfilling and a lack of water which can make it harder for the blades to rotate.

If you are unsure about any of these tasks or do not want to risk voiding your appliance’s warranty, contact a qualified technician to repair your prized blender. 

Waring Blender Produces a Burning Smell

Blenders can produce pungent smells at times.

If you notice a burning smell, it is no common occurrence and is indicative of a serious issue caused by faulty wiring. 

So, follow the solutions below to fix the problem.

Possible solution(s):

  • If there is any burning smell, switch off your blender before troubleshooting. There may be loose wires that might have short-circuited within the blender.
  • However, if you don’t have the expertise to test such wires, call in a professional to fix the problem.

Blender Still Not Working?

If you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions to the problems, you are facing and the blender still fails to work, there may be a more technical issue.

To fix such issues, you will need to call a professional, preferably from Waring itself.

Parts required to fix technical issues are usually only available from the issuing company.

How Long Do Waring Blenders Last?

Like most Waring products, the Waring blender can between 5-10 years depending on the frequency of use and how well it is used. 

However, its lifespan can significantly decline due to poor usage and a lack of maintenance.

So, make sure to give your blender a regular inspection and keep it in good use to allow it to help you out in the kitchen for years to come.

Are Waring Blenders Any Good?

In a nutshell, Waring blenders are excellent, if not the best on the market. Waring blenders have a powerful motor and are made of durable materials.

They have numerous features that can crush ice, make purees, mix and chop vegetables, and make an amazing variety of smoothies and beverages. It’s a high-quality, low-cost blender from a reputable commercial brand.

Waring blenders are an excellent choice for the majority of kitchens. They are not only known for their dependability and high performance, but they are also quite attractive and simple to use.

What the Reviews Say

Great glass blender with a classic mid-century modern look that works very well and is powerful enough for ice and frozen fruit for smoothies.

Source: www.bestbuys.com

I’ve always had the “average” household blender… Hamilton Beach, Sunbeam, Oster, or whatever is cheap and completely average. I’m ashamed to admit that I purchased this blender solely for its red (non-metallic) colour to match my newly redecorated kitchen.

Sure, it’s a little more expensive than regular blenders…. but WOW! What a pleasant surprise!! I can make our morning protein drinks for my husband and me in one batch instead of two in my old blenders.

And don’t be fooled by the simple buttons. I believe it’s something like low and high instead of blend, frappe, blah blah.

There will be no unblended ice in your shakes anymore!! Purchase this blender! I’m a HUGE fan (obviously). Never thought I’d get this excited about a blender! LOL

Source: www.bestbuys.com

This is the best blender ever. One switch for 2 speeds. no worries about digital meltdowns. Beautiful glass carafe, which cleans up easily. Who could ask for a better product. Durable, easy to use and clean. Plus it crushes ice and blends as the speed of other models. Then you can also use it with hot soups, etc. This is the one to buy!

Source: www.bestbuys.com


A Waring blender is a fantastic kitchen tool for blending and chopping ingredients.

Every device, even blenders, will occasionally experience problems.

However, there is no need to fret because hopefully, the remedies above have got you covered.

To ensure that you can use your Waring blender easily, remember the problems and their fixes stated above.

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