Are Ice Cream Makers Worth Buying? (Explained)

Do your ice cream cravings stay consistent enough for you to include a tub of your favorite flavor on the shopping list every week?

Then it may be time to look into a reliable ice cream maker to save you hundreds of trips to the nearest Aldi.

This article will discuss all to know about ice cream makers’ benefits and whether it’s worth spending money on them.

So Are Ice Cream Makers Worth it? Are they worth buying?

In short, ice cream makers are worth it if your diet includes regular ice cream and you want to achieve a custom flavor or try out new recipes. The main selling point of an ice cream maker is the allowed customization and healthier composition as you’re the one in control.

To shed some more light on an ice cream maker’s cost-to-value ratio, let’s discuss some of the key benefits:

Ice Cream Makers Are Portable

Not all ice cream makers are completely portable, but some, primarily the self-freezing models.

As other ice cream makers require you to cool the container in your freezer for about a day, they offer little to no portability.

So while purchasing your desired ice cream maker, ensure that you’re buying one that you can carry around when needed.

Easily take it to grandma’s house in your car’s trunk and make ice cream for the whole family without worries.

Ice Cream Makers Low Cost of Purchase And Maintenance

The great thing about ice cream makers is the low cost of purchase and maintenance.

You can find a regular model between $50 and $200.

However, if you want an ice cream maker that doesn’t require pre-freezing and comes with a built-in compressor, you may have to spend more than $200.

Regardless, this cost is incredibly viable for a machine that can replace your weekly purchase of a $10 to $15 tub of ice cream.

You must note that making ice cream at home can be more expensive than buying from a store shelf, but this differentiation becomes favorable for ice cream machines as we start to look at expensive brands like Ben and Jerry’s.

Ice Cream Makers Come with Many Options

Another remarkable thing about ice cream makers is the amount of customization you can bring to your dessert.

Are you a fan of roasted nuts and almonds? Include them in the mix.

Do you want more fine ice crystals? You got it.

There are even some ice maker variants that allow you to control the speed of the turning flap inside, giving you more control over the making process.

The point is, when you buy ice cream from the store, it has designated flavor and fixed elements.

But if you have an ice cream maker, you’re the one making the decisions.

Ice Cream Makers Easily Maintained

You would think that a product dealing with dairy and constant whisking would require tons of cleanup processes and unique storage space for ideal maintenance.

Luckily, it is not the case with ice cream makers.

They come in a stain-free composition, often made with durable plastic or hints of metal here and there.

When choosing an ice cream maker for your home, ensure that you pick the dishwasher-safe one so that you can get rid of the responsibility of handwashing them.

Manufacturers often include a detailed manual in the box that effectively describes the best way to store the product.

Ice Cream Makers Ideal for Special Dietary Needs

As a continuation of the customization point, let’s discuss the many special dietary needs an ice cream maker can address.

For example, we all know someone in our house that’s lactose intolerant, and as much as they love dairy, they can’t eat it for medical reasons.

Some people also have mild or harsh allergies that can surface if exposed to store-purchased ice cream tubs.

So making your delicacy at home will allow you to include or exclude the many ice cream components as you deem fit.

No more rushing to the emergency ward just because you couldn’t resist a peanut ice cream.

Ice Cream Makers Offer Taste Options

You know how they say if you want to do something right, do it yourself.

This statement is entirely true for making ice cream.

Your taste may differ from other people, or even the most expensive ice cream brands may leave you wanting more than they had to offer.

If you feel like you’re missing the right taste, getting an ice cream maker is an ideal choice.

You’ll have the liberty to alter the desired taste and include all the components that your taste buds worship religiously.

Additionally, if you have kids in your house, catering to their specific frozen food demands will become seamless.

Ice Cream Makers Elevate Health

The last point on our list includes the immense health benefits of homemade ice cream compared to store-bought ones.

Of course, manufacturers do everything to make their products healthier and more appealing to the general community.

That’s why we see hundreds of versions, including low-fat, etc.

But all in all, they are industrially made edibles, and they require added preservatives or other compounds for them not to go bad quickly.

Although the additives aren’t harmful to health, they don’t benefit you either.

If you start making your ice cream yourself, you can get rid of those preservatives and include food elements that will benefit your health.

Some Bonus Points:

If you’re in the market looking for an ice cream maker, here are a few things to keep in mind to make the purchase well worth it:

• Buy the ice cream ingredients when they cost less (in season) or if a supermarket is selling them at discounted prices.

• Opt for an ice cream maker that makes finer crystals for the smoothest texture

• Only buy an ice cream maker if you have regular demands


If your diet includes conventional ice cream and you want to create a unique taste or test out new recipes, an ice cream machine is worth it. The ability to customize and create a healthier composition is the key selling point of an ice cream maker since you are in charge.

Going to a supermarket to purchase ice cream can be a strain on your wallet, especially if you’re buying for the whole family.

The many available options are often very expensive and, although delicious, not worth the cost.

Hence, getting an ice cream maker is a must for any fan of luxurious desserts.

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