Why Are Viking Stoves So Expensive? (Must Read)

Oh, the pleasure of cooking ribs, steaming juicy chicken, or preparing pork chops on a cloudy evening with the family on a high-quality stove that delivers ideal cooking results.

But if you ever scan the market, you’ll realize how insanely expensive stoves are, especially if they’re from a luxury brand like Viking.

So why are Viking stoves so expensive? Are they worth it?

In short, Viking stoves are expensive and worth it if you’re a quality-conscious consumer looking for an appliance that has all the modern tools, offers reliability, and is easy to maintain. Of course, the fancy features come at a price, but the excellent experience they bring along with them is unmatched.

Viking has established itself as the luxury standard in the global market, where professionals and enthusiasts often judge the credibility of a new product by direct comparison with Viking ranges.

But how did Viking become such a big deal?


Since Viking came into being around 35 years ago, they’ve made strides in innovation, not many before them made in the ranges industry.

They made history by introducing the very first professional-grade range targeted for home usage.

Not only was the community thrilled, but the products Viking delivered were surprisingly high-standard, and people benefitted from those ranges for years, even decades.

Viking was also the first brand that offered a coloring scheme for their appliances, allowing the consumers to choose the one that best suits their home décor.


The primary reason why Viking stoves are a community favorite is their long-term life and dependable operations free of any manufacturing errors.

Typical stoves tend to rust or stop working as they stay continuously subjected to enormous amounts of heat.

Not to mention mishandling by inexperienced grillers can significantly lower the appliance life, causing it to break down sooner than expected.

With Viking, the robust nature and feature-laden design made it super easy for anyone to prepare their favorite food without any worries.

Loaded with Technological Advancements:

From dual-fuel options to an efficient design, customizable griddle to precise low-heat setting,

Viking offers a complete package with all the necessary elements of a modern appliance.

In some models, you can have connectivity for up to 200 feet from the range, allowing you to keep a check on it even when you’re in the other room.

More surprisingly, you’ll also find Viking ranges with an auto-clean feature that makes the maintenance process much easier.

What Is The Viking Stove Range?

Viking is an American brand located in Greenwood, Mississippi. They are known for their high-end luxury appliances.

Viking came into being in 1987 and hasn’t stopped reinventing the grilling system since.

As we mentioned, the very first professional-grade stove was a remarkable achievement of Viking manufacturers, which eventually laid the foundation stone of the success Viking is enjoying today.

Of course, the American brand has deviated from manufacturing only stoves to including refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and more.

Due to sheer commitment, Viking has gathered many awards from industry evaluators, including CNBC’s honorary list of “Made in America” products.

Naturally, the price and lifetime of any Viking product you’ll purchase will greatly depend on what model you choose.

There are options available from $4000 to $20,000 with a life expectancy of 15 to 40 years.

However, electric models tend to last only 13 years.

It is important to mention that the lifetime of your Viking range will greatly depend upon how well you use and take care of it.

Are Viking Stoves Reliable?

Yes. Viking stoves are as reliable as it gets. The American brand trades a user-friendly cost with high-quality materials, innovative design, and professional-grade styling. You’ll pay more for it, but since the life expectancy is insanely high (up to 40 years), it is well worth investing in a Viking stove.

Viking’s products come with a two-year limited warranty. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase and covers workmanship or material defects.

Within 10 days after purchase, products can be exchanged or your range can be returned for repairs if you have any troubles.

What Other Stoves Brands Worth Considering?

Are you having trouble making a final decision about purchasing a Viking stove? Don’t worry. We have other options:


We all know Samsung as an established brand that offers technologically advanced appliances.

The Japanese brand ranks highest in a recent report, earning an excellent rating from a group of eight brands.

This data comes directly from the consumers, highlighting Samsung as the ultimate champion and a go-to brand for anyone looking to buy a new stove.

If you’re interested in learning about the many advancements Samsung has made in the world of electronics since 1971, here’s a complete overview.

Regardless, the Japanese manufacturers make a great alternative for Viking products.


Thermador is an ancient game player entering the appliance industry in 1916.

They are now a part of Bosch but continue to make their range of stoves, refrigerators, cooktops, and more.

Thermador was the first to introduce cooktops and stainless steel products for home usage.

This feat got tons of applause from the community, pushing the brand into the spotlight it was never before.

From getting featured in numerous TV series to claiming the crown of ‘speed cooking’ innovation, Thermador doesn’t seem like stopping anytime soon.

If you want a reliable alternative to Viking stoves, Thermador is an ideal option.


Wolf can be an excellent option if you want to opt for another American brand.

Operating as a sub-part of the Sub-Zero group, Wolf offers multiple ranges and other appliances.

Each wolf rang a trademark red knob that has become a brand identity ever since they started this practice.

You can opt for a different color if you want.

Wolf ranges also have dual-fuel, gas, and induction variants like Viking.

They come with a wider cooking surface and precise temperature responsiveness, so you’re always in control.

Most significantly, Wolf stoves have a heavy-duty design and do not break down easily. And with the recent renovation to their stove designs is highly promising.


In conclusion, Viking stoves are pricey, but they’re worth it if you’re a quality-conscious buyer seeking a product that has all of the latest features, is dependable, and is simple to maintain. Of course, the premium features come at a cost, but the superior experience they provide is unrivaled.

A thorough overview of this article will educate you on the many reasons why Viking stoves are so expensive and what other brands you might want to consider.

If you are still perplexed about which brand to consider or how to make a final decision, these findings of a recent report may help you out.

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