Induction Cooktop Not Turning On (Simple Answers and Fixes)

Unsurprisingly, an induction cooktop is a popular choice among many families. This ingenious device is made to simplify your life significantly.

It does exhibit certain limitations, though, and you can anticipate a glitch from time to time.

The primary issue is when an appliance won’t switch on when you are about to start cooking, but you can try some easy solutions.

Induction Cooktop Not Working – Reasons and Fixes

With a typical gas or electrical heating stove, most people know how to check a problem.

However, since induction stovetop technology operates differently, so do the methods you employ to troubleshoot problems.

Try the below-discussed methods if your induction stovetop isn’t working.

Induction Cooktop Is Locked

So, you are pressing buttons and knobs only to find the induction cooktop won’t turn on.

If your induction cooktop is locked or child mode is turned off, it will not turn on.

But first, you should know that induction hobs are sophisticated appliances with various useful functions.

Among these is the “lock mode,” which, when activated, prevents you from using the touchpad to turn on your stovetop.

Doing this can stop children from using your stovetop for playtime and save valuable electricity.

In addition, you only need to press and hold the lock button for some time to unlock your cooktop.

If your induction cooktop continues to have problems, read the next step below.

Induction Burner has Malfunctioned

The induction burner may have malfunctioned if your induction stove won’t turn on. Perhaps the coils are broken, or the glass surface has scratches.

You must take off the cooktop’s glass surface to check the condition of your burner.

To do this, you must remove the gripping brackets together with the connecting screws.

You can lift the glass top after moving these parts out of the way. Look at the wiring and copper coils for any damage or scratches.

In case of any signs of damage, you will have to get new elements to replace the defective ones.

Depending on the burner model, there may be different procedures for replacing burner parts.

Thus, always check the product guidelines for instructions on how to put the appliance elements together.

Induction Cooktop Not Getting Power

Electricity is needed to create an electromagnetic field in induction cooktops.

It is, therefore, normal that your Induction cooktop is not operating if there is no constant power supply.

If you find your induction cooktop not working, your induction cooktop may have a blown fuse, damaged cable, or a bad power supply if the lights and display are not working.

Fuse is Blown 

Any electrical equipment with a lousy connection can trip the breaker and ignite the fuse.

Therefore, make sure there is no power outage before trying to fix an induction hob that abruptly shuts off and does not turn on.

Damaged Power Supply 

If there has been no power outage, look at the induction cooktop cable: there shouldn’t be any bends or signs of damage. Afterward, connect the cable to a power outlet that is in good working condition.

The appliance should then start up. A plug issue does not cause the failure if it stays disconnected.

Faulty Cooktop Connection

If any electrical cords connecting the control and baseboard heaters of every fireplace are damaged or make a poor connection, the induction cooktop will no longer switch on.

This can occur if warm fluid splashes onto the cooktop, then flows down till it gets to the internal wiring.

Check the induction plate’s internal circuitry. If there is a breakage, reconnect the wires carefully to prevent any loose connection. Fix the combustion issues by firmly clamping the terminal frame bolts.

However, be careful! If you don’t know much about electrical connections, ask a qualified engineer for help.

Compatibility Issues with the Induction Cooktop Pan

Induction stovetops are known for being extremely sensitive when it comes to kitchenware, which is their biggest downside.

Only the pan is heated on the stovetop using an electromagnetic field, but for it to work, the pan must be magnetic.

However, all of your old cooking equipment might not meet this condition.

Cast iron, for instance, will work since iron has magnetic properties. The

The compatibility of various stainless-steel pans varies, but the materials utilized to make them play a significant role in that.

Copper or aluminium pans, for example, won’t function at all.

Checking to see if a magnet will attach to your pan is the simplest way to determine whether your choice of the pan is the cause of the induction cooktop’s issue.

The pan of your choice will operate on your cooktop if it pulls the magnet.

Unfortunately, an induction cooktop can be unpredictable in other ways besides pan compliance.

For it to function correctly, the pan positioning must be rather precise.

You should adjust the pan or choose a different burner area if it is too small for the one it is on or if it hangs over the burner area.

Dirty Induction Cooktop

The induction ranges are susceptible to malfunction from spilled liquids and food crumbs.

This is because of the chances that the dirt will keep the cooktop from identifying the pan.

Therefore, induction cooktops frequently need to be cleaned using a soft cloth and the appropriate cleaning materials.

Induction Cooktop Fan Not Working

The fan may be the problem if your induction cooktop shuts off immediately after being turned on.

The hob turns on, but because the fan doesn’t turn on, there isn’t enough air. Due to this, it automatically switches off.


If you have followed the above instructions and your induction cooktop is still not working, the issue is probably already out of your hands.

Most likely, the electricity supply, controller, or perhaps the wiring is the problem.

There’s no need to spend hours fretting over a problem that’s far too challenging in this situation.

You need to give a professional electronics repair provider a ring, and they will do the task quickly.

Soon enough, your beloved induction cooktop will return to normal, and you’ll prepare delectable meals for everyone.


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