Why My Popcorn Popper Not Working? (with solutions)

Saturday night comes around, excited to watch a newly released movie, just need some Popcorn

Only to find your Popcorn maker isn’t working.

In this article, we’ll discuss why the Popcorn popper is not working and what can be done to get it popping again, or not.

Popcorn Maker not Heating Up (with solutions)

The most likely because for your popcorn popper not working is a faulty outlet, not being plugged into a working outlet, or a faulty heating element. 

Popcorn makers are reliable pieces of equipment, but they do occasionally break down. As a result, there is no popcorn.

To diagnose why your popcorn machine is not heating up and popping corn let’s step through the following items.

Step 1. Check the outlet

You can’t cook with a broken appliance, and if your Popcorn machine won’t turn on, you could be dealing with a variety of problems.

The most obvious reason a popcorn machine won’t turn on or heat up is that it isn’t plugged in.

Before looking into other problems, make sure your unit is properly plugged in and that its outlet is not damaged.


To test the outlet, use a multimeter or try using another small appliance, such as a lamp or blow dryer.

If these tests fail, you should contact an electrician to repair the outlet.

If your outlet is working but your popcorn machine isn’t, the problem is most likely with the appliance’s internal components.


Step 2. Fault Popcorn Heating Element

If the popcorn popper is still not heating up after you have checked the cord and the outlet, it is most likely due to faulty internal wiring or a faulty heating element.

You have the option of repairing the popcorn popper or purchasing a new one.

For most people, because the cost of a popcorn popper is relatively low, it is simply a matter of going out and purchasing a new popcorn popper.

The popcorn heating element heats popcorn kernels sufficiently to allow them to pop into a ready-to-eat state. If it is faulty, the popcorn machine will not heat up and the kernels will not pop.

Popcorn kernels require 355 degrees Fahrenheit or 176 Celsius to expand sufficiently to pop. They will not pop if your popcorn machine is not heating to this temperature.

Step 3. Repairing Your Popcorn Popper

Before you start disassembling your popcorn popper ensure your unit unplugged from the power outlet

Disassembling tools required include screwdrivers and wrenches, while a multimeter will prove effective elements

The steps for repairing a hot-air popcorn propeller are straightforward.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Unplug the device and flip it upside down.
  2. Remove the chute by unscrewing the base.
  3. Remove the holding screws to loosen the motor.
  4. Remove the housing and base to expose the circuitry and heating coil.
  5. Using a multimeter, test the element and replace it if necessary.



While it is unfortunate that your popcorn popper is no longer operational and must be replaced, the good news is that replacements are available at a variety of prices, ranging from low to high-end appliances.


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