Daikin Air Conditioner Problems: 7 Common Issues (with solutions)

Daikin has developed as a trusted brand over the years, making itself well-established in the air conditioner market in particular.

After all, Daikin air conditioners are equipped with the best features and are known to be quite reliable.

But everything has its drawbacks, and at times, your Daikin air conditioner can run into issues.


But not to worry, as you might be able to fix most problems by continuing to read below.

Daikin Air Conditioner Problems: 7 Common Issues (with solutions)

Here are 7 common problems with Daikin air conditioners, along with their solutions to help you handle any issues you face.

Daikin AC Not Starting

Regardless of what button or switch you press; the AC won’t seem to start working.

Daikin AC not starting is typically caused by a loose power cable or tripped circuit breaker. 

In such a situation, refer to the solutions below and fix the problem.

Possible solution(s):

  • Typically, there’s an easy fix to this issue as it’s simply resulting from a loose power cable or tripped circuit breaker. So, ensure the power cable and circuit breaker switch are in place before you turn on your AC.
  • If the problem persists, there is an internal disconnection of wires. To fix this problem, you will need the help of a professional.

Daikin AC Not Cooling

If your Daikin AC turns on but won’t cool, it’s likely to be caused by a faulty compressor or refrigerant leak. 

This can be quite frustrating as it can render your AC useless. But the below-mentioned solutions might be able to help you.

Possible solution(s):

  • The compressor plays an important role in the cooling process of an AC. To test your AC’s compressor, turn on the AC and try to hear the compressor start. If you don’t hear anything, it’s time to replace the compressor.
  • If the compressor is working, there might be a refrigerant leak, which can be observed by opening up the AC unit. If you notice any cracks in the copper coils, call in a professional to seal them.

Daikin AC Making Too Much Noise

While a normally functioning Daikin AC will produce some level of noise, it can become a problem when your AC starts to produce excessive levels of noise.

However, this problem can easily be fixed by using the solutions below.

Possible solution(s):

  • If you hear something rattling or vibrating inside the AC, it’s usually due to debris. So, open your AC unit and remove any unwanted objects near the vents, filter, and fans. 
  • If there is no debris in your AC, clean up the air filter, as air passes through a clogged air filter can produce a lot of noise.

Daikin AC Leaking Water

Every AC leaks water to an extent.

However, if your Daikin AC is leaking water in excessive amounts in places where it shouldn’t be, you are facing a common problem.

Daikin AC leaking water is typically caused by clogged drainpipes or frozen AC components.

Read the solutions below to fix the issue.

Possible solution(s):

  • A drainpipe is used to move the water out of the AC. However, if the drainpipe becomes clogged, water will start to accumulate inside the unit and will flow into the wrong areas. So, open the unit and clean up the pipe thoroughly to reduce leakages.
  • If the problem persists, your AC’s components may be frozen and leaking water when they thaw. To fix the issue, clean your AC thoroughly.

Daikin AC Fan Not Blowing Air

If your Daikin Air Conditioner is blowing hot air, it’s likely to be a faulty thermostat or a dirty filter.

Read the below-mentioned solutions to fix the problem.

Possible solution(s):

  • Open the AC unit and clean the air filter. The cleaner your AC filters are, the better air will be able to pass through them and reach you.
  • If cleaning the filters doesn’t solve the problem, check if the AC fans can rotate freely. If there are obstructions between the fan blades, remove them. However, if the fans still don’t work, you will need to replace the motor.

Daikin AC Working at the Wrong Temperature

Daikin Air Conditioner working at the wrong temperature is likely to be a clogged air filter or defective thermostat.

This problem usually occurs due to faulty internal components. Here are some solutions to help you fix the issue.

Possible solution(s):

  • The thermostat is the component regulating the temperature of the AC. If the thermostat is faulty, you won’t be able to set the AC temperature. However, it can be complicated to test and fix the thermostat, so call a professional to do the work for you.
  • Check if your AC remote is working correctly. Your AC remote may have been glitching and changing the temperature.

Daikin AC Won’t Turn Off

Pressing the remote control and the Daikin Air conditioner not turning on. Frustrating on a hot humid day!!

If your Daikin air conditioner is not turning on it’s likely to be a tripped circuit breaker.

Before you call a technician check if there is a blown fuse or a tripped breaker, If the fuse is found to be burnt out, replace the burned-out fuse and reset the circuit breaker to fix the error.

You should also check return grills for any obstructions that could cause the system’s airflow to be restricted.

If it still does not work, then call a technician

Daikin AC Produces Unpleasant Smell

Rarely this happens, but Daikin AC producing an unpleasant smell is typically caused by mold or refrigerant leak. 

A refrigerant leak is likely if your mini-split smells like fish, or vinegar or has a sweet odor. A lack of chilled air is another tell-tale sign that you don’t have enough refrigerant.

If you’re dealing with this issue, it’s best to use some of the solutions mentioned below as soon as possible.

Possible solution(s):

  • If your AC has been spreading an unpleasant smell, it could be due to the presence of mold. After all, the humid internal environment of an AC is the perfect place for mold to grow. You will need to contact a professional to get rid of the mold for you.
  • If mold isn’t a problem and your AC is still spreading a bad smell, your Daikin AC might have an issue with its components. Overheated parts can easily spread a burning smell. Additionally, a gas leak can produce the smell of rotten eggs. To fix faulty components, call in a professional.

How long do Daikin air conditioners last?

Daikin air conditioners can easily last up to more than 15 years with little to no complications.

In fact, you can further increase its lifespan by keeping it in good condition through frequent maintenance. 

Are Daikin air conditioners any good?

Yes, Daikin air conditioners are very good. Daikin has been around in the air conditioner industry for a long time, building a strong reputation and a trusted brand name due to the quality of its products.

They are particularly known for their long-lasting and reliable ACs. So, it’s safe to say Daikin air conditioners are quite good.

What do the reviews say?

I love our Daikin ac, and we have two. One in a bedroom and one in the main living area.

Only had ducted before the split system, and the Daikin is so efficient, and in 40-degree Adelaide heat, we stay nice and cool.

Quite quiet – can watch TV and have conversations easily. Doesn’t run up a huge power bill even though we use it a lot. Very happy.


Great for our small room. This unit heats and cools a large area without any issues, it makes a noise but nothing to complain about.

 I like the power button that heats or cools things fast; then, when it gets to temperature, the unit will slow down.

The unit is very easy to use and comes with a seven-year warranty.


Looks great and has many features. When not operating, everything folds up neatly, and it looks stylish and clean.

The installation is easy, and the quality of the unit looks good.


Pros and cons of Daikin air conditioners

Here are some pros and cons of Daikin air conditioners


  • Great build quality
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Poor customer service
  • Can produce noise
  • Lack of modern features


Daikin air conditioners are some of the best ACs on the market due to their exceptional quality and incredible lifespans.

However, like all machines, Daikin ACs can have issues at times.

If you run into any problems with your Daikin AC, make sure to keep in mind the solutions mentioned above.

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