SMEG Ovens Problems: 7 Common Issues (Must Read)

If you own a SMEG appliance, you must be aware of the brand’s commitment to excellence and a high-quality build that stays reliable throughout the years.

But like every machine, SMEG products run into issues from time to time, and fortunately, you can troubleshoot them to get them working again.

SMEG Ovens Problems: 7 Common Issues (Must Read)

Here’s our list of the 7 most common SMEG Oven problems with solutions.

This is not to say that if you buy a SMEG Oven, you will have these problems.

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These are the most commonly experienced problems.

Not too dissimilar to other oven brands.

SMEG Oven Temperature Inaccurate

If your food is coming out to be undercooked or overcooked, chances are you’re experiencing a common problem with SMEG ovens.

From time to time, SMEG ovens can start to function at inaccurate temperatures which are due to a faulty igniter or bake element. 

But you can solve this problem using the solutions below.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Faulty heating elements that include the igniter and the bake element can contribute to an inaccurate temperature. Test the heating elements and get them replaced to fix your oven.
  • If the problem persists, the thermostat may be the culprit behind the problem. However, testing and replacing a thermostat can be tricky. So, get a professional to do the job for you.

SMEG Oven Completely Unresponsive:

If your SMEG oven is completely unresponsive, you may be dealing with an electrical fault (the power cable may be damaged, or the power socket has stopped working).

No matter what buttons you press on the control panel, the oven won’t seem to work.

In such a situation, try out the following solutions.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Ensure the power cable is plugged in properly and the socket works.
  • Check if the circuit breaker has been tripped due to a power surge and flip it back on.
  • Replace the thermal fuse if all other measures fail.

If the troubleshooting steps above did not resolve the issue, you will need to contact a technician.

SMEG Oven Not Heating Up

Slow heating of an electric oven can also indicate a variety of issues with the appliance.

The likely cause of SMEG oven taking too long to heat up is hot air leaking from the oven.

Possible Solution(s):

Damaged oven door seal: The seal is attached to the oven door and ensures that when the door is closed, it forms an airtight seal.

This allows the oven to trap all of its hot air. When the seal is damaged, hot air escapes and the healing process is delayed.

Oven door hinges that are damaged: Hinges allow the door to open and close easily while remaining perfectly aligned with the rest of the appliance.

When they become bent or broken, the door is unable to close securely, preventing the oven from trapping heat inside.

As a result, hot air escapes and the oven takes an inordinate amount of time to reach cooking temperatures.

If you have found the SMEG oven to be properly sealed, then it’s likely to be a result of a power supply issue, faulty main control board, or heating element being worn out.

For more in-depth information check out the article below

SMEG Oven Won’t Turn On

The most likely cause of your SMEG oven not turning on is an electrical issue. One or more of the following factors could be to blame: a faulty power cord connected to the outlet; a broken power socket; or a fuse that has tripped the circuit breaker.

No matter what buttons you press on the control panel, the oven won’t seem to work.

In such a situation, try out the following solutions.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Ensure the power cable is plugged in properly and the socket works.
  • Check if the circuit breaker has been tripped due to a power surge and flip it back on.
  • Replace the thermal fuse if all other measures fail.

If the troubleshooting steps above did not resolve the issue, you will need to contact a technician.

SMEG Oven Clock Not Working

If the clock on your SMEG oven is not working, it can be due to a glitch or temporary disconnection from the main control board.

You may find the clock showing the wrong time or not displaying anything after prolonged usage or a quick reboot.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Hold down the two-timer buttons to reset the clock
  • Reset the oven and shut down the device (wait 20 minutes before turning it on again)
  • If the above two steps fail, replace the timer

SMEG Oven Fan Not Working

The SMEG oven can stop working due to lodged hindrances or debris stuck inside the fan blades.

Over time the tiny particles that flow through the fan get stuck to the edges and make a layer or blockage.

This problem can cause your oven to make noise while hindering the free flow of the fan.

The problem can also be that worn fan bearings have collected rust and are barely functioning.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Clean and top and internal fan
  • Replace the fan bearings
  • Replace the fans

SMEG Oven Controls Are Unresponsive

If the SMEG oven control is completely unresponsive, there are two possibilities.

One is quick to fix, and the other one may require the help of a technician.

The first one is that you have accidentally left the child lock on, and the other one is that the oven control board has malfunctioned.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Turn off the child lock
  • Clean the oven controls
  • Get the main control board replaced

SMEG Oven Baking Unevenly

At times, you will notice your oven-cooked food to be unevenly baked.

This is a common problem with SMEG ovens that are often disguised as cooking mistakes.

SMEG oven baking unevenly is typically caused by the bake element being burnt out, only the broil element will heat the oven. As a result, the oven will heat unevenly. When the bake element is properly heated, it glows red hot.

Following the solutions mentioned below will allow you to cook food evenly again.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Look for holes or blisters to determine whether the baking element has burned out as it will be obviously damaged.
  • Using a multimeter, check the bake element for continuity to see whether it has burned out. Replace the baking element if it lacks continuity.
  • Debris can often get stuck between the blades of convection fans and stop it from circulating hot air around the oven for an even temperature. So, you may be able to solve this problem by removing debris.
  • However, removing debris doesn’t help; test the fan motor for continuity using a multimeter. If there is no current passing, replace the motor and fix the connection to it.

SMEG Oven Making Noise

SMEG ovens can make noise if the fans inside the device are not working properly.

There could be debris stuck inside the fan blades causing the steel to rattle against the housing.

Tiny food particles often fly into the fan and become the cause of this problem.

Alternatively, you may be dealing with damaged fan blades or motors, causing excessive noise each time you operate the device.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Clean the fan blades and remove any debris
  • Replace the fan blades
  • Replace the fan motor and bearings

SMEG Oven Not Self-Cleaning

Self-cleaning can be quite helpful when it comes to removing tough stains and odors from your oven.

However, once it stops working, keeping your SMEG oven clean can get challenging.

The failure of the SMEG oven to self-clean (pyrolytic function) is most likely caused by incorrect program settings or faulty components.

So, refer to the solutions below to bring self-cleaning back into action.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Self-cleaning features are designed to only work when the oven has cooled down. Try using the self-cleaning feature once the oven has cooled if you haven’t been doing so.
  • However, if the oven doesn’t clean even while it’s cool, there may be an issue with the oven door latch.
  • The thermostat is the part of the oven that keeps it from overheating. The oven will not be able to activate the pyrolytic function if it is faulty or detects overheating.
  • The cooling fan is usually located near the top of your oven’s interior. Its purpose is to keep the oven cool. If it becomes faulty and ceases to function, the pyrolitic function will be canceled due to the appliance becoming too hot.

Still having problems, speak SMEG service center or a qualified technician.

SMEG Oven Interior Light Not Switching On

The interior light of a SMEG oven can be quite useful while cooking, as it allows you to ensure your food is properly cooked.

So, it can be quite frustrating when it doesn’t turn on. But on the bright side, it’s quite easy to fix this issue most of the time.

Possible Solution(s):

  • All you need to do is check if the bulb has burnt out or not and replace it if it has.
  • However, sometimes, there may be a problem with the bulb socket, which can also be replaced with ease. 

SMEG Oven Light Stays Off

The oven light is an incredibly useful tool to ensure your food is cooked properly.

However, at times, you will notice your oven’s light remaining off while it’s running.

SMEG Oven’s light staying off is typically caused by a blown light bulb.

If that’s the case, try following the solutions below to fix the issue.

Possible Solution(s):

  • It’s possible the light bulb has blown out. To test it, take out the bulb and try turning it on in another socket. If the bulb doesn’t turn on, replace it to fix your oven.
  • If the bulb appears to be working as expected in another socket, the oven’s socket may be faulty.
  • Use a multimeter to test if the current is passing through the socket wires. Call a professional to fix the internal disconnection if there is no current passing.

SMEG Oven Not Turning Off

SMEG oven not turning off is typically caused by a faulty oven control board, damaged bake elements, or faulty thermostat. 

If you are unsure about any of these tasks or do not want to risk voiding your appliance’s warranty, turn off your SMEG oven from the power source, and contact a qualified technician to repair your SMEG dishwasher.

How Long Should A SMEG Oven Last?

Like other reliable brands, SMEG has made a name for itself due to the longevity of its products.

A SMEG oven should last about 15 to 20 years on average, maybe even more if you take good care of it.

Of course, some SMEG ovens may give up before hitting the two-decade mark, but they’ll have fulfilled their value.

Are SMEG Ovens Any Good?

SMEG has a reputation for being a luxury brand that offers expensive high-end products for the house or the office.

However, some would argue that their quality isn’t at the same level as the pricing, and often you may be paying big money for a shiny oven.

Regardless, SMEG ovens are an excellent option for people looking to renovate their kitchen with an attractive appliance that lasts forever.

What Do the Reviews Say?


Great oven. It works great once you’ve worked out the buttons and dials. Cooks lovely.


Lovely oven, and once the controls have been mastered; it becomes very intuitive to use.

Lots of functionality and is great-looking. Recommended.


We like that the grill at the lower of the two ovens.

Controls for the grill are simple but adequate, and the controls for the top oven certainly take some getting used to.


Pros and Cons SMEG Oven

Here are some of the pros and cons of the SMEG Ovens


  • Fine craftsmanship
  • Attractive exterior
  • Work great on smaller projects


  • Rather pricey
  • Underwhelming interior
  • Inconsistent cooking


To sum it up, SMEG ovens are a symbol of luxury and lifestyle, but they can also be surprisingly underwhelming to oven enthusiasts who want the latest technological tools.

So, ensure that you take a deep look at the oven’s specifications before making the final purchase. Good luck!

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