Samsung Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi (Solved)

Having a wireless printer, such as a Samsung printer, offers convenience and flexibility when it comes to printing documents.

However, sometimes you may encounter issues with your printer’s Wi-Fi connectivity.

In this troubleshooting guide, we will explore some common reasons why your Samsung printer may not be connecting to Wi-Fi and provide practical solutions to help you resolve the problem.

Samsung Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi (Solved)

Samsung Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi commonly caused by Wi-Fi connection, printer settings, printer firmware or network settings. 

Now we have answered the main question, let’s dive into troubleshooting.

Check the Wi-Fi Connection:

Before delving into specific printer-related issues, it’s important to ensure that your Wi-Fi network is functioning properly. Here’s what you can do:

Verify that your Wi-Fi network is working by connecting another device, such as a smartphone or laptop, to it.

Ensure that your Samsung printer is within the range of the Wi-Fi router, as signal strength can affect connectivity.

Check if you have recently changed your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) or password. If so, update the printer’s network settings accordingly.

Verify Printer Settings:

Next, let’s make sure that your Samsung printer’s settings are correctly configured:

Access the printer’s control panel or menu settings and navigate to the network settings. Ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled and that the printer is set to connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your other devices.

Double-check that the printer’s Wi-Fi settings match those of your router, such as the security type (WPA, WPA2, etc.) and encryption method (AES, TKIP, etc.). Incompatible settings can prevent successful connectivity.

Restart Your Devices:

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary glitches. Try the following steps:

Power off your Samsung printer, Wi-Fi router, and any other devices connected to the network.

Wait for a minute or two, then power on the devices one by one, starting with the router. Allow them to fully boot up and establish connections before proceeding.

Update Printer Firmware:

Outdated firmware can cause connectivity issues. Follow these steps to update the firmware on your Samsung printer:

Visit Samsung’s official support website and locate the firmware update section for your specific printer model.

Download the latest firmware version compatible with your printer and follow the instructions provided by Samsung to install the update.

After the update is complete, restart your printer and attempt to reconnect it to the Wi-Fi network.

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Reset Network Settings:

If all else fails, you can try resetting the network settings on your Samsung printer. This will erase the current network configuration and allow you to start fresh:

Consult your printer’s user manual or visit Samsung’s support website to find the instructions for resetting the network settings.

Follow the provided steps carefully to perform the reset.

After resetting the network settings, go through the initial setup process to connect your Samsung printer to Wi-Fi again.

Final Thoughts

Experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues with your Samsung printer can be frustrating, but most problems can be resolved with some troubleshooting steps.

By checking your Wi-Fi connection, verifying printer settings, restarting devices, updating firmware, and resetting network settings when necessary, you can overcome common obstacles and regain seamless wireless printing.

Remember to consult your printer’s manual or reach out to Samsung support for further assistance if needed. Happy printing!

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