SMEG Kettle Problems: 7 Common Issues (Simple Fixes)

If you like to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea, getting a Smeg kettle is one of the best decisions you can make.

After all, it’s built with quality and design in mind, creating a high-performance and well-built kettle.

However, like all appliances, kettles can also sometimes run into issues, and the Smeg kettle is no different.

So, make sure to continue reading to save yourself from such situations.

SMEG Kettle Not Boiling

If your SMEG kettle switches off before the water starts to boil or provides lukewarm water, then there’s something wrong with its heating mechanisms. Here are some solutions to help you fix this issue.

Possible Solution(s):

  • Limescale buildup is one of the most common culprits behind this issue. Descaling your kettle can help solve this problem.
  • Fill your kettle with white vinegar and water and switch on the heating, leaving the solution to rest overnight after the heating stops.
  • Then pour out the solution and clean the kettle with a sponge, rinsing it a few times with vinegar.
  • If descaling doesn’t help, the issue could be due to a faulty thermostat. To fix this problem, you will need to call a professional.

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SMEG Kettle Leaking from Bottom

Leaks around the base of the kettle can be quite dangerous to their proximity to electrical components.

Unseen cracks caused by wear and tear are the most common cause of SMEG kettle leakage from the bottom.

It’s crucial to fix this issue as soon as possible by following the solutions mentioned below.

Possible Solution(s):

  • The first step to fixing this issue is to find where the leak is coming from.
  • To do so, you will need to fill the kettle and keep it dry from all areas except the suspected spot of the leak.
  • Observe the leak and trace it back to the opening. You may need to detach the base of the kettle if you don’t see a crack.
  • Once you’ve found out the source of the leak, use a silicone sealant to close the opening.

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SMEG Kettle Keeps Switching On

If your Smeg kettle keeps switching on by itself and fails to turn on when you try to do so, there are some faulty electrical components inside.

However, there’s nothing to worry about, as you can fix the issue using the following solutions.

Possible Solution(s):

  • The most common reason behind this issue is faulty on/off switches. It’s possible to fix a faulty switch by replacing it.
  • To do so, switch off your kettle from the main plug and unscrew the handle of the kettle to gain access to the switch.
  • Carefully pull out the switch and replace it with the new one to allow it to work normally.

SMEG Kettle Not Turning Off

At times you might notice your kettle boil without turning off after it’s done.

This is not only dangerous but can also cause your energy bill to rise.

So, refer to the solutions below to deal with this issue.

Possible Solution(s):

  • One of the most common reasons for this issue is a loose lid. If the kettle’s lid isn’t properly closed, the water won’t reach boiling temperature soon enough. So, make sure to tightly close the lid before boiling.
  • Additionally, limescale accumulation can also cause your kettle’s boiling time to increase. If closing the lid doesn’t solve the issue, descale your kettle with vinegar.
  • Overfilling your kettle to the point the water enters the steam tube can cause it to continue boiling without switching off. So, keep in mind not to make this mistake.

SMEG Kettle Switch Won’t Stay Down

Another common issue with Smeg kettles is a switch that won’t stay down.

No matter how much you push it down, it won’t stay in place.

The most common cause of SMEG kettle switch not staying down is a faulty switch located inside the kettle.

Possible Solution(s):

  • To fix the issue, you will need to replace the faulty switch.
  • Simply disassemble your kettle after switching off the power and replace the switch with a new one.

Smeg Kettle is Not Turning on

If your kettle isn’t turning on, no matter what button you try to press, you may be experiencing a common issue with Smeg kettles.

SMEG kettle not turning on is usually caused by a faulty power cord or a tripped circuit breaker.

Here are some possible solutions to help you out of this problem.

Possible Solution(s):

  • The first thing you should do to solve such a problem is to check whether your main power socket is working or not. To do so, try plugging in your kettle in a different socket.
  • If the kettle still doesn’t power on, ensure the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped.
  • If everything appears to be in place and your kettle is getting power, there’s an internal issue that requires a professional to be fixed.

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SMEG Kettle Lid Not Closing

A loose lid can be a major issue when it comes to kettles, as it limits their functionality.

SMEG kettle lid, not closing is likely to be caused by faulty springs.

If you’re experiencing a similar issue, follow the solutions below.

Possible Solution(s):

  • To start fixing your kettle’s lid, detach the cap of the lid by pushing it off.
  • Then find the latch and replace its spring or fit the spring back into its place.

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How Long Do SMEG Kettles Last?

Smeg is a renowned company in the market of kitchen appliances, and for a good reason.

After all, it’s known to manufacture reliable products using high-quality materials.

So, it’s safe to say your Smeg kettle will last for years to come.

Additionally, you can increase its lifespan through frequent maintenance.

Are SMEG Kettles Any Good?

In short SMEG kettles are good. SMEG kettles are not only durable and reliable but also come equipped with several useful and smart features. Moreover, they are also user-friendly and easy to clean.

SMEG kettles have gained a positive reputation among consumers, making them a popular choice for those seeking a blend of style and functionality in their kitchen appliances.

With their retro-inspired design, durable construction, and fast boiling capabilities, SMEG kettles are indeed considered to be of high quality.

They boast a solid build and incorporate essential safety features, providing peace of mind for users.

While they may come with a higher price tag compared to other kettle brands, their attractive aesthetics and reliable performance make them a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate both form and function in their appliances.

As a result, Smeg kettles are one of the best kettles available.

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What Do the Reviews Say?

Everything I wanted in a kettle quick to boil as the tics look great, and it fits really well into my Modern kitchen environment


Solid and Good Craftmanship/Design. Expensive but worth it when compared to other brands.


Looks Beautiful, really good quality. The soft open lid on the hinge, I love it!


Pros and Cons of SMEG Kettles

SMEG, the renowned Italian appliance manufacturer, has gained a reputation for creating stylish and retro-inspired kitchen appliances.

Among their popular product offerings are the SMEG kettles, which combine eye-catching aesthetics with practical functionality.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of SMEG kettles to help you make an informed decision before adding one to your kitchen.

Pros of SMEG Kettles:

Stylish Design:

One of the standout features of SMEG kettles is their retro design.

These kettles come in a range of vibrant colors and sleek finishes that add a touch of elegance and personality to any kitchen decor.

They can be a statement piece, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your countertop.

Build Quality:

SMEG is known for its commitment to quality craftsmanship, and their kettles are no exception. Made with durable materials like stainless steel, SMEG kettles are built to last.

The sturdy construction ensures they can withstand daily use and resist wear and tear over time.

Fast Boiling:

SMEG kettles are equipped with powerful heating elements that efficiently and quickly boil water.

This is especially beneficial for individuals who rely on hot beverages for a quick start to their day or when entertaining guests.

Safety Features:

SMEG kettles incorporate several safety features to provide peace of mind. Automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection are standard in most models.

These safety mechanisms help prevent accidents and protect the kettle from damage if it operates without water.

Easy to Use:

The simplicity of SMEG kettles makes them user-friendly.

They typically feature a comfortable handle, a water level indicator, and easy-to-operate controls.

Filling, boiling, and pouring water become effortless tasks, even for those new to using kettles.

Cons of SMEG Kettles:


One of the main drawbacks of SMEG kettles is their higher price point compared to other kettle brands. The attractive design and premium build quality comes at a cost.

However, if you value both style and functionality, the investment may be worthwhile.


Due to their sturdy construction and premium materials, SMEG kettles can be heavier compared to lightweight plastic alternatives.

This may not be a concern for everyone, but those with mobility issues or who prefer lighter appliances might find the weight inconvenient.

Limited Temperature Control:

While SMEG kettles excel at boiling water quickly, they often lack advanced temperature control options.

If you require precise temperature settings for specific beverages like tea or coffee, a kettle with variable temperature settings might be more suitable.


SMEG kettles offer a unique blend of style, durability, and fast boiling capabilities.

With their eye-catching retro design and solid construction, they can be an attractive addition to any kitchen.

However, the higher price, limited capacity, and lack of advanced temperature control might be considerations for some consumers.

Ultimately, your decision will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

If you value both aesthetics and functionality, a SMEG kettle might just be the perfect choice for you.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to kettles, SMEG takes the top spot thanks to its high-performance, reliable, and appealing kettles.

However, while it’s a good idea to get a Smeg kettle, you must be prepared to fix some common issues regarding its functionality.

So, keep in mind the solutions mentioned above.


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