Why Kitchen Appliances So Expensive? (Explained)

If you’ve been to the appliance market recently, you may have been appalled by the fact that the same washing machine you bought three years ago is now almost double its old price.

The same is the case with top kitchen appliances, where purchasing a commercial kitchen kit may require you to sell a leg or two.

However, this article will shed some light on why these kitchen appliances are so expensive and the factors that contributed to the price elevation.

Let’s start.

So why are kitchen appliances so Expensive?

Kitchen appliances are expensive owing to the cost of materials, the inputs required to make equipment, and the cost of transportation. Then there are the distribution and retailer margins, which are added to the underlying product’s cost.

Another pricing consideration is that one brand may be more expensive than another since it has established itself as a high-quality product brand.

In short the three main reasons why kitchen appliances have skyrocketed in price. Here they are:

• Shortage of supply due to the pandemic and reduced workforce

• The taxation and increased cost of manufacturing materials like steel, aluminum, etc.

• Ever-growing transportation expenses

Now we have answered the main question, let’s further explore high-valued kitchen appliances

Is It Worth Spending Extra On High-Value Brands? (Explained)

While browsing through a physical appliance store or simply looking through a website, you’ll notice a great variety of machines, priced from a few a hundred dollars to figures in thousands.

Of course, the more expensive appliances have unique features, a modern design, and a cool look.

But are these outrageously pricey models worth your hard-earned money?

Well, in most cases, it depends.

A person investing in a $2000 high-end refrigerator for a restaurant can get high value out of the investment, as it’ll make many tasks around the kitchen easier and faster.

But if the same fridge ends up at a construction site as a complimentary benefit for workers, we can only pray that it stays good for a month.

We know everyone wants fancy appliances for their kitchen, but it’s essential that you keep your actual needs in mind to avoid ending up with the wrong purchase.

In short. high-value brands are often made from higher quality and durable materials (including wiring), and as a result, likely to suffer electrical faults or have fewer features that prevent things from going wrong. 

In any case, purchasing from high-value brands can bring you some generic benefits such as:

• High-value brands offer tested and reliable products that have a higher probability of delivering their value over the years

• If you want to sell a high-end appliance, you’ll get more resale price than the product you bought from a shady electric shop.

• High-value brands spend extra effort trying to perfect their customer service so anyone having a problem with the appliance can resolve it immediately.

• You can benefit from the latest technology and make your everyday life much easier.

What Are The Most Expensive Appliance Brands?

To give you a general idea of the current appliance market, we will discuss some of the most expensive brands built for luxury. Take a look:

  1. Viking

We’ve all heard of Viking appliances, especially if you live in the US. You may have seen their products in commercial settings and some houses.

As far as modern standards go, Viking appliances are the pinnacle of innovation, practicality, and exquisite design.

Ever since the foundation stone for Viking got put in place in 1980, the American brand has released iconic ranges, widely popular among customers.

Due to their commitment to the highest quality and reliable manufacturing elements, Viking is making tides in the kitchen appliance market today still.

Most of us are aware of the iconic Tuscany range from Viking, which at one point was a staple of any high-functioning kitchen.

The unique amalgamation of French design and American features did a number of the community, and people bought the Tuscany range in flocks regardless of its high price point.

All in all, if you are looking to accessorize your kitchen with the highest end and expensive appliances, Viking can be an excellent option.

  1. Sub Zero and Wolf:

The second option on our list is a merger of two companies: Sub Zero and Wolf. Sub Zero, seeing the potential in Wolf’s products, acquired it in 2000.

Although both enterprises now have an organizational connection, they operate as separate companies introducing unique products.

Sub Zero has made a name for itself by manufacturing quality refrigerators for about 70 years now.

Their unique approach to providing appliances that can fit directly into your cabinetry got many applauses and remains a popular choice among kitchen renovators.

Surprisingly, Sub Zero refrigerators come with a very generous 20-year guarantee from the manufacturer, a significant number in the appliance world.

And to top off everything, they use NASA’s ethylene removal technology in the appliances to scrub the air and keep the food fresh (hi-five Sub Zero).

On the other hand, Wolf mainly focuses on convection ovens along with the most beautiful cooktops. Their merger with Sub Zero helped them refine their strategies and bring more professionalism to their approach. Now Sub Zero and Wolf sit on top of the appliance manufacturing market as the most luxurious brands.

  1. Gaggenau

The third brand on our list is a little less-known in the US but offers outstanding reliability in accommodating intense cooking adventures.

This German brand started its operations in 1683 and introduced unique items to our kitchens, including the first convection steam oven and the first ceramic cooktop.

Not to forget, Gaggenau is a community favorite due to its unique German styling that makes the products stand out from the rest.

And the high-grade aluminum construction prevents fingerprint stains while keeping the appliance shiny and appealing.

However, as we mentioned, Gaggenau is barely known in the US, so the resale value of its products takes a significant hit as soon as you open the packaging.

But now that Bosch has acquired Gaggenau, we only have optimistic hopes for the future.

If you’re a motivated cook or looking to purchase a highly reliable appliance for your commercial kitchen, Gaggenau is worth considering.

  1. Miele

We can’t possibly make a list of luxury appliance brands and not talk about the prestigious Miele.

Introduced in 1899 as a small manufacturing firm that excelled at making cream separators, washing machines, and butter chum, Miele has come a long way.

From several certifications to many honorary awards, this German brand is making wonders every day.

However, keep in mind that the in-house labor, exceptional attention to even the most minor details, and a high-end brand name combine to make Miele one of the most expensive appliance brands.

But since their production is entirely in-house (they don’t outsource any part of the manufacturing process), quality assurance reaches its absolute maximum.

So each product that comes out of their factory has seen rigorous testing procedures and has guaranteed reliability figures.


Kitchen appliances are expensive due to the cost of materials, the inputs needed to manufacture the equipment, and the cost of shipping. Then there are the distribution and retailer margins, which are added to the cost of the core goods.

Purchasing the most high-end kitchen appliance is a dream for many, and why not? We all want our kitchens to look exquisite while making our daily tasks simpler.

But you have to take a bite that you can chew. In your pursuit to buy the most feature-loaded appliance, you may end up with an unreliable one.

So it is always good to conduct thorough research about the products in the market before making your final purchase.

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