Miele Microwave Problems: 7 Common Issues (Simple Fixes)

Microwave is amongst the most used household equipment, so when it malfunctions, it is bothersome.

But before you give up and order takeout, we’ll go over the top issues people have with their Miele microwaves in this article, along with possible fixes.

Miele Microwave Not Turning On

There are several reasons why a Miele microwave won’t turn on. 

Miele microwave not turning on is usually caused by a problem with the power supply or the microwave door.

First, is the screen blank?

Second, do you have a display? If so, does it not power the microwave when you press start?

Third, can you specify a time before pressing the start button?

There is a list of things we need to look at as there are numerous potential causes while troubleshooting your microwave.

Possible Solution(s)

  • Power Supply: Check the power plug first to ensure the connection is in place and the switch is on. Following that, you should check the fuse box. Additionally, try plugging it into a different power outlet to see whether it now functions; if so, the switch is defective, and you need to replace it.
  • Microwave door: If the power source isn’t the issue, you will need to use a tester to check the door switch for stability; if it does not, you need to replace it with a new one. The next step is to ensure the latching mechanism assembly is in working order. To accomplish this, see if the door shuts properly.

Still not working, best to contact Miele or qualified technician for advice.

Miele Microwave Buttons Not Working

Miele microwave buttons not working properly due to dirty or faulty keypad buttons. 

If Miele microwave buttons no longer operate, either partially or entirely. A few buttons may be responsive at first, but later all of them might become faulty.

The buttons’ malfunction can be because of one of two factors.

Possible Solution(s)

  • Dirty Keypad Buttons

The buttons on the microwave are no longer functional because of food or other debris accumulated in and around them. Clean the keypad on your Miele microwave with soap and warm water to fix the problem. 

  • Loose Keypad Connector

A small, narrow strip not firmly fastened in place serves as the link between the control board and the keypad. Pushing and pulling on the Miele microwave door and punching the keypad can cause this connector to become loose.

You must re-insert the connector into the keypad to resolve this problem. But first, you must remove the valves, door latches, and buttons.

Miele Microwave Door Not Opening

Miele microwave either won’t open or is insanely difficult to open when you need to heat something?

The reason for the Miele microwave door not opening is most likely due to food sticking the door together or a faulty latch.

Possible Solution(s)

  • Food particles can glue the door together with the unit. Best to get a damp cloth and clean around the door, removing debris and gently trying to open the door.
  • You will most likely locate the issue with the jammed door when you are proficient with the trick to open the door and examine the latch assembly. You may also need to fix the microwave’s door hinge or button release system.

Miele Microwave Not Heating Food

As it ages, your Miele microwave may heat incorrectly or not at all. One of the main causes is putting too much food in your Miele microwave. This issue could also be caused by a faulty magnetron.

The microwave’s effectiveness can also be affected by putting the food improperly or using improper kitchenware, which can restrict the heat.

Possible Solution(s)

  • The biggest blunder we all make is putting too much food at once. It will just cause the microwave intensity to drop. The quickest method for ample heating food is to divide it.
  • Magnetrons make microwave energy. The food won’t heat up in the event of a fault. This problem can be resolved by changing it.
  • It is very crucial to utilize proper cookware. The use of the wrong material will obstruct the heat radiation.


Miele Microwave Plate Stops Turning

While using your microwave, you would anticipate the disc to spin; however, it does not move.

The main reason for the Miele microwave plate not turning is that it is not properly placed, or the rotation motor is damaged.

Possible Solution(s)

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the disc ring first. Second, check to see that the glass table is set correctly. Next, confirm that the turntable is set to “on.”
  • Last, the rotation motor might need repair or replacement if the first three operate as intended.

Miele Microwave Light Not Turning On

When the Miele microwave door opens, the inner microwave light bulb does not turn on, which is most likely due to blown lights or faulty circuitry.

Possible Solution(s)

  • The simplest and first option is to try changing the bulbs. Unfortunately, the main control panel or light switch may be to blame if the new lamp won’t switch on.
  • First, look for damage to the light socket. Next, ensure the socket is still connected; if not, replace the socket. Finally, replace the central control board if there is continuity.


Miele Microwave Makes Noises

When you turn on the Miele microwave, the noise level rises noticeably, which is most likely due to faulty componentry inside the microwave.

Possible Solution(s)

  • The resonator, exhaust fan engine, stirring motor, or disc motor could be to blame for a noisy microwave. You will need to replace the magnetron if you hear weird noises.

How Long Does Miele Microwave Last?

Miele Microwaves typically last for about 7 – 10 years, depending on how much you use them and how often you maintain & clean them.

However, as a large family becomes more dependent on the microwave to heat snacks and meals or to defrost dishes, they may have to replace it every 4 to 5 years.

If the incorrect objects are put inside, they could further reduce this duration by posing a fire hazard or causing irreparable harm.

Moreover, all Miele microwaves come with free 2-year parts and a labor warranty. To get the warranty, you can register here: https://www.miele.com.au/domestic/warranty-registration-3084.htm

Are Miele Microwaves Any Good?

Yes, Miele Microwaves are very good. Miele microwaves are known to be efficient, offer quick heating times, deliver better heating & cooking results, and come with touch controls to make your life easier.

Additionally, Miele microwaves come with various models based on your requirements.

Pros and Cons of Miele Microwaves

Both in residences and businesses, Miele microwaves are famous for their convenience.

Given its widespread use, it is safe to assume that people are aware of this beautiful invention because of what it is.

However, Miele microwaves have some limitations, just like every other appliance.


  • The best benefit of using a Miele microwave is how quick and simple it is to reheat leftovers or heat readymade meals.
  • The ease of cleaning the cooking cavity and utensils is one of the most apparent benefits of a Miele microwave.
  • The Miele microwave also enables you to save money on your electricity bill.


  • You must be highly cautious with the kitchenware or containers you utilize while using a Miele microwave.
  • Miele microwaves also have the downside of having a small capacity, making them a tough choice for households with many inhabitants.          


Undoubtedly, you are now acquainted with the most typical Miele microwave issues and fixes.

You are well aware of how to resolve the issues with your microwave. Aside from the abovementioned issues, have you run into any additional issues?

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