Miele Washing Machines Worth It? (Must Read)

Miele is well-known in the appliance industry for its reliable yet remarkable products, especially washing machines.

However, if you want to accessorize your kitchen with a Miele washing machine, your budget may take a solid hit.

We’ll learn in this article if it’s worth spending extra money on Miele washing machines or should you rather opt for another brand.

Let’s start.

So Are Miele Washing Machines Worth It?

Yes, Miele Washing Machines ARE worth it. Miele washing machines outperform other manufacturers on the market in terms of durability and low maintenance costs.

Miele ensures the best quality in their washing machines with careful attention to detail, cutting-edge technology, in-house production, and extended warranties.

Miele is a good choice if you’re seeking a long-term investment in a washing machine that will provide you with a lot of value.

Worth Getting A Miele Washing Machines?

As mentioned, Miele washing machines effectively prove their worth over time, and regardless of the $1500 plus price tag, they deliver value.

However, let’s discuss why Miele washing machines justify their astronomical price.

Miele Built With German Excellence:

Foremost, Miele represents the highest-end appliance manufacturing German art, especially in the US.

Unlike many other brands, they are known to make their products themselves in a factory instead of outsourcing them to Chinese companies.

This way, each step of the manufacturing process is tested and tested again for ideal results.

This rigorous procedure ends with a reliable product that stays valuable for a very long time.

Other German companies like Bosch also have a unique variety of washing machines, but none come closer to the excellence of Miele.

Miele Comes With Centuries Of Expertise:

Miele came into being on July 1, 1899. And after more than a century in the business, it is safe to say that they’ve built enough expertise in the industry to challenge even the biggest fishes.

If you want a washing machine that lasts and accompanies you for years and years down the line, Miele is a perfect choice.

You can be sure that your Miele washing machine will be made with experience hands by a skilled team.

Purchasing A Miele Is A Long-Term Investment:

The primary reason buying a Miele washing machine makes sense regardless of its hefty price tag is the longevity of the product.

Miele appliances are known to last for eons, especially if you properly care for them. So once you invest in such a product, you’ll reap the benefits for many years to come.

For example, some washing machines from Miele have a 20-year long warranty with a separate 10-year warranty for the bearings.

Technological Peak:

The reputable German brand focuses mainly on a minimalistic approach that combines pure luxury with immense practicality, so you’re always comfortable.

Miele washing machines have all the latest tools and advanced working parts that make the daunting task of washing clothes a walk in the park.

If you want innovation packed into a highly durable and energy-efficient washing machine, Miele is the ideal choice.

Miele Comes With Premium Customer Service:

If you run into a problem with a Miele appliance, the brand offers a quick session with a professional handyman who comes to your house whenever needed.

You can get personalized instructions from them on operating the washing machine or reporting an issue if you find one.

It’s not surprising to see Miele ranked as the ‘best brand ever’ in Germany.

Miele Undergoes Rigorous Testing:

A strong selling point of Miele appliances is their practice of repeatedly testing finished products before shipping them to the customers.

A washing machine is often allowed to run for several cycles to ensure that everything is working properly.

This way, the items that reach the general community have more chances of an extended life without any major issues.

More remarkably, Miele carries out this testing procedure in their factory and doesn’t outsource it as many other brands do.

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Miele Is Proving Their Logo Of “Forever Better”:

Since Miele started as a family-owned company in 1899, it has come a long way in refining its very first inventions.

From incorporating the most helpful features to lacing the device with utmost quality material. Miele ensured that they continuously got better over time.

The German brand gets so much praise from the community because of its strong dedication to growth where nothing feels stagnant and outdated.

How long do Miele Washing Machines Last? What is life expectancy?

Miele washing machines are known to last for up to 20 years, and some of their products even keep going strong after that.

It also depends on how you take care of the washing machine and how well you treat and maintain the washing machine, keeping it good as new.

In comparison, the average lifespan of a regular washing machine is around 11 years.

Washing machines are big, heavy appliances that aren’t easy to buy frequently.

While investing in a washing machine (or any product), most people ensure that it’s going to last for several years without hiccups.

With Miele, you can rest assured that at least the next two decades will be like a breeze, void of any washing machine problems.

Make sure that you don’t lose your warranty slip with the product.

So if or when a problem arises, you can get it repaired without a huge burden on your finances. If the washer warranty has expired, you may need to cover the full cost.

As a general rule of thumb remember that if fixing an appliance is costing you more than 50% of the original cost, it is best to replace the product altogether.


The steeper price is well worth the luxury, quality, and durability Miele washing machines have to offer. If you’re renovating the basement or want a washing machine for commercial usage, go for Miele.

It won’t disappoint you.

However, ensure that you do your bit of research to get the perfect model for your custom needs.

We say adios in hopes that you now have the necessary information to make a wise decision about your washing machine purchase. Cheers!

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